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convert E: /fs:ntfs"

Using Win xp home, sp2, all updates.

The following is from... PC World , Top 20 Tips for Keeping Windows XP Fresh

you can switch to NTFS without reformatting your hard disk and restoring your apps and data from a backup. Just choose Start, Run, type cmd.exe, and press <Enter> to open a Command Prompt window. Now type convert followed by a space, the drive letter, a colon, another space, and finally /fs:ntfs. For example, enter convert c: /fs:ntfs if you want to convert your C: drive to NTFS.

Tried the above and after I typed " convert E: /fs:ntfs", press enter, I get a line on the DOS screen... " Enter current volume label for drive E: _ "

I tried typing E: Local Disk, enter. Nothing happened and E drive is still FAT32.

What am I supposed to type for volume label?



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Reporting: convert E: /fs:ntfs"
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Did you check the volume label ?

Open Explorer
Right click on the drive in question
Under the General Tab note volume label
If it makes it easier...create a name like "OK"

Then repeat the'll take place after a restart


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did it

Thanks VAPCMD,

I found out I should NOT have typed the drive letter. Typed "local disk" only and it made the change. Picked up some usable disk space by making the change.

Thanks again,


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Good to hear you got it converted.

All of the HDDs in the systems I put together have volume labels so if there?s any question which drive is which, I can easily distinguish physical drives and partitions belonging to each. It can be very very helpful when creating drive images, doing image restores, formatting and partitioning drives, etc., With some disk management programs identifying HDDs as drive O and drive 1 and others calling them drive 1 and drive 2 ... volume labeling can be helpful in ensuring you?re partitioning or formatting the right drive and partition...especially when the system has more than one HDD.

For example I have an 80GB WD with two partitions ... using the volume label feature under Explorer, Properties, etc., I label the two partitions on my first HDD as "WD80-1? AND ?WD80-2?. This gives me quick reference info about the HDD . . . mfg, capacity and what partition I'm looking at no matter whether I'm looking at them under Windows or DOS programs.


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convert FAT32 device to NTFS DEVICE

I went to properties and to find volume label for my E Drive as suggested but did not find it. The only information found under general tab are Type: Local Disk, File System: FAT32, Used Space, Free Space, Capacity and Drive E, where do I find the volume Label for Drive E.


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Try just hitting 'Enter' ... or if so desired...

you could create a volume label for the drive in question and afterwards when you convert you can type the new name.

With no volume label...there's none to specify.

Let us know.


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convert FAT32 to NTFS

When I hit Enter the next line says "an incorrect volume label was entered for this drive. I get the same message if I try to create one also.

Any further suggestions?

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Here's the line by line

Is this what you're trying.

Convert FAT32 to NTFS
These instruction will assist you in converting the C: partition from FAT32 to NTFS. If you wish to convert another partition instead, just use that drive letter instead of C: while following these instructions.

First, back up your data. The conversion process almost always works flawlessly, but there is no point in taking the risk.

Click the <Start> button.
Click <Run>.
Enter "cmd" into the text field labeled "Open".
Click the <OK> button.
Enter the command "vol c:" to find the volume label for the C: partition.
Enter the command "convert c: /fs:ntfs" to convert the C: partition from FAT32 to NTFS.
When prompted, enter the volume label for the partition.

Keep it mind when executed have to reboot the PC and at restart...the partition is CONVERTED to NTFS.

You may have to make sure there are no volume errors before you start.


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Convert FAT32 TO NTFS


Thanks for your help. I followed you line by line steps and finally did the conversion.


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Convert FAT32 TO NTFS

i did these things too, but when i promted i got the line (cannot determine the filesystem of drive HHappy

H. is a mybook ES500GB that i want to convert to NTFS from Fat32

anyone know why this doent work?

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Follow all the steps above and type My Book filethen press enter when prompt for the - this should work. Wait a few minutes for the files to be loaded.

Good luck

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reply to volume label

i cannot find in the explorer, the drive in question..? im having the same problem from converting FAT32 to NTFS please help

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