Why not use the UDF-file system in Windows..??
UDF is a universal File System/your files will always OPEN..
The difference in CD or DVD is very small in a TEXT-file..
weither its Rich Text format or NotePad..
You could use both formats to organized the important stuff..
..Rich Text Format could contain the details that also Go-Out in Email..NotePad could be the LISTS/Customer Names only..then a second LIST for telephone numbers..it still some amount of work to do things in the PC-environment..
That's where Software might manage your Files..
You can create your own LISTS/two LISTS/--the names--the phone numbers..
If your use a common character for the two LISTS..
Names might start with some number..and that would match the telephone LIST..
Like....0001-telephone number..you could add the Customers(intials)to ease the match process...
The rest about addresses and info/that's a job for software..
Business Software requires a more powerful PC..I would not attempt it on a LapTop..you don't need a Super Computer..but you need good stuff.