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Conspiracy,collusion or groupthink?

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Reporting: Conspiracy,collusion or groupthink?
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just what I said

No evidence of anything but deliberate LIES by those involved.

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Whipping up emotions

Lets hope they don't erupt.

Some may say these reports are figments of a biased media,

From igniting racial resentment to threats:

In Virginia:

In my state, and 29 others:

While DHS has no information that the removal refers to a specific plan for violence, "law enforcement should be aware that this could be interpreted as a justification for violence or other criminal actions," the note said.

Ill winds are blowing.


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I wonder...

I had never heard of the group called "Restore America Plan". I can't help but wonder, how members it has.
Angeline, AP did a story on the FBI arresting 9 members of the religious group calling themselves "Hutaree". I believe 4 of them were of the same family. As with the other group I mentioned, I can't help but wonder just how big this group is.
But another thing hits me, after reading another post of yours mentioning "hysteria". Hutaree has been called a "militia" in many news stories. The AP story said "The Hutaree are self-proclaimed "Christian warriors" who trained themselves in paramilitary techniques in preparation for what they say on their Web site is a battle against the Antichrist.". There have been black groups who have armed themselves in preparation for things they say may happen. Angeline, are these groups also a "militia"?
It seems to me that the application by the press of the term "militia" as a negative label to only selected groups might indicate an attempt to ignite resentment.

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are these groups also a "militia"?

broadly speaking, yes...

the wiki definition would be "select militia"

"composed of a small, non-representative portion
of the population, often politicized"

i would say that any definition is only limited by
your imagination


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RE: Militia...

they could call themselves a gun club...a gang....a congregation with weapons.....prayer group with weapons.

The problem is the dress code.....Military style uniforms...Military=Militia? ( all they are missing is the letters r and y

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It seems that

some in the US don't like Democracy after all.


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You refer, of course...

to Congress.

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IF they're doing something they "aren't allowed" to do

Impeach, charge, remove them

Not something people "don't like"...Something they "aren't allowed" to do.

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You consider Ms. Booher subversive?

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but the extremists reported about in the links provided in that post do not appear to want to live in a democratic society.


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Oh, I see

You mean those extremely radical groups like CodePink and MoveOn that constantly displayed their disdain for Democracy for the past eight years.

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I'm not sure I see your problem

Twice, (or is it 3 times), now I posted about the two reports linked by Angeline in her own post.

Sorry you can't see that.


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I think his point (and mine) was...

they aren't the only ones. Just the only ones certain people get upset about.

Anyway, it is OT.

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(NT) Yes
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You mean in that off topic post? Howcum you didn't deleted it when other far less irrelevant posts have been "flaxed"?

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RE: flaxed

Come on know the drill

Click "Report offensive post" Someone will look at the post and do what is necessary. Then you will complain about the post not being deleted.

Perhaps we could call that a "hannigan".

You could just put "hannigan" in the subject line and you wouldn't have to enter anything in the body of the message. It would save you a lot of keystrokes.

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