I was trying to decide between the LG VX3200 and Samsung SGH a650 and decided on the latter just because I liked the looks a bit better. They are both basic tri-mode phones and you cannot go wrong with either one of them. The LG phone has a speakerphone that the Samsung does not have.
As far as the family plan, do the math! I am not sure if it is really a good 'family plan'. With the 400 minute plan it may be worth it, but I have the 800 minute family plan and it costs the same as having two 400 minute plans. Remember, in a family plan, once you want to make changes to one phone, they both get renewed for the new plan duration, which is a drawback. Here again, you have to do the math, but if you were getting more minutes, I would say you would be better off getting 2 separate accounts.