Connecting WindowsXP to TV monitor

I have a digital imaging software(x-ray) that operates on a windowsxp computer. The only job of Windows is to run this software. If you shut down the software, the entire computer will shutdown. I can however get into control panel while the imaging software is running, by using the windows key. Here is my dilemma... I want to swap the original smaller monitor out for a large TV monitor to display the digital images. The original monitor that came with the computer will fit the imaging program entirely on the screen when I set the resolution to the highest for that monitor, 1024x768. If the resolution is lower, there will be parts of the imaging software screen I cannot see on the computer monitor (I can see about 80% of the actual interface). When I have the interface perfect on the old monitor and switch the VGA to the larger TV monitor, while the computer and both monitors are on, the interface screen comes up on the TV perfectly. But I cannot switch the VGA over like this every time. When the VGA stays in the TV and I turn the computer on, the windows screen starts up and the ratio is perfect. When the digital imaging program starts to run, I can only see about 70% of the interface. Changing the resolution in control panel does not work with the TV monitor, like it did with the original computer monitor. I have tried to switch over to the alternate screen as well, allowing me to try other resolutions, but none of them compress the entire interface on to the screen. I have tried every way I can think of to fix this problem, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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Reporting: Connecting WindowsXP to TV monitor
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This may not be possible.

It sounds like they deployed on a Windows XP Embedded platform. This is NOT WINDOWS XP. So while the embedded version is XP, at the same time it is not so this can truly upset those that had such a system when they think something can be done.

My only thought of what may work is a VGA splitter box. That way the monitor ID comes from the old monitor and you get a bigger display on the big TV.

Other than that you are back to the maker of this system to tell them to issue a version for your new setup.

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I hate the idea of having to use a splitter. I will get back in touch with the distributor. Hopefully we can resolve this issue before it becomes a replacement issue. I appreciate your input regardless. Thanks!

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I finally remembered what we needed.
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Great advice

Thank you very much! I just ordered the EDID. This appears to be exactly what I need. I will keep you all posted.

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EDID did the trick

The EDID worked for this application perfectly! Hopefully it will hold up for a few years. Thank you all again for the help.

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Thanks for the update.

EDID is now heading to forgotten PC lore. I didn't recall it until the next day when it dawned on me that this could be "just the thing."

Good luck.

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VGA analog

You will need a VGA port on the newer monitor/TV. If the resolution isn't correct,then should be able to use the TV's internal program to stretch or fit to screen or other settings in it.

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The new monitor has a vga.. that allowed me to switch over to the tv monitor immediately. I used the settings on the tv, like you suggested and I was able to move the picture slightly, but I was still missing 30% of the picture... the screen adjustments game me 1% or so. It is a tough situation.

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Try this

Use the keyboard combo of CTRL and the minus key together. I have no idea if it will work for what you have, but it does for browsers, maybe will in your software to shrink the image.

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Worth a shot

I can definitely give that a try. Thank you for the input.

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Same Problem

I have a similar problem and just cant work it out. May be its my PC and i need to do a re-install

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