Connect TV to Headphones using bluetooth

I am trying to listen to my TV using headphones. I want to do it wirelessly, I assume using Bluetooth Technology. Neither device has that capability.

I know I need a transmitter on the TV side, and a receiver for the Headphones side. I just received a gift of some Bose Noise Canceling ear buds which I use for travel. However, I do not have the box anymore and they are not Bluetooth capable. In other words, not cheap or easy to replace or change them.

Any recommendations on the devices or specific protocol/technology to select to insure clean, reliable and simple operation? I see some devices mention Bluetooth V.2 or A2DP, but not all do, and I'm not sure if any can work with others.

Appreciate someone sharing their experience or knowledge on this type application.

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Reporting: Connect TV to Headphones using bluetooth
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This just in. Tunity.

CNET has this article that could be interesting.

OK, there is and so far has yet to be any setup that is without issue. However there's a problem in there is no TV model mentioned. Some have headphone jacks, some have USB ports to power the BT transmitter and make the setup painless.

HOWEVER many TVs mute the speakers as long as the headphone is plugged in and some don't want that!

Then we have TVs with no audio connections at all.

Try adding which TV so members can comment on possible solutions.

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Detail on TV and audio

OK. Thanks for responding so quickly.

So far as the TV, it is a Sony bravia, but model doesn't really matter. I does have a separate Audio jack through which I already connect a sound bar. It is the standard audio jack found on most any computer, laptop or MP3 devices. The audio can be switched to turn off with the external audio in use, or left to stay on and use both. That is not an issue, though.

We aren't having to deal with Apple products on either end, so the jacks and formats should be fairly standard. I have seen many products available, but I want to make sure I pay attention to the format used on the devices on each side of the transmit-receive. I see the BT V.2 and A2DP terms used, but I have not been able to get an understandable explanation of which is the newer and/or preferred standards to use, or if they can crossover and work with with each other.

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Since it's simple stereo, just a link is needed.

It's a shame the TV model isn't known as I really like those USB powered models so we don't have to find a wall plug to power the transmitter. Here's one but keep in mind there are so many today to choose from.

Since you use the audio jack you can use one of the usual audio splitter cables. A few examples.


For 99% of the time it's latency that bugs folk.


Since you already have the headphones, a receiver is needed too.

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Follow up on type of transmitter to use

You bring up the type problems I was hoping to be able to address before I buy and have to backtrack.

I have a Direct TV set up on which I already see a slight sync problem with the audio to video when watching recorded programs. I was concerned about increasing that with the wrong protocol causing even more delay.

I had not seen any other device address this problem. In researching the product you recommended, I have not run across any competitor products that does either.

I do not have access to the TV model number, however it does have USB ports for media inputs. It has bluetooth capability, but only for attaching an external keyboard.

Thanks for this information.

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Partly why I noted those models.

As to the USB ports that helps in reducing clutter and congestion at the power outlets.

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Question re: Sony Bravia XBR-55X810C tv

OK so to make sure I understand correctly: this Sony Bravia is the tv I have. I bought some LG TonePro wireless bluetooth earbuds. Linked them no problem to my iPhone, but can't do same with tv even though it is supposedly bluetooth. The TV does not recognize any bluetooth signal. So are you saying I should buy one of those products in the above links? And plug into the headphone jack on tv? so this way everbody else can watch and listen normally, while at same time I can watch and listen thru my bluetooth (since I don't hear well)? thanks...just trying to figure this out.

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Tip: avoid old posts.

Create a new post and don't leave out the model numbers or better yet the TV's web page so members can check the manual.

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Also whether you want portability or...

just sit in that easy chair, because that may determine what reciever is needed. Is this an earbuds or over-the-ear earphone (my thinking is that earbuds uses less power).

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3.5mm to bluetooth

its very simple just get a 3.5mm to bluetooth adapter that is available in most of online website using that you can connect the blue tooth headset

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