1. This obviously were the more careless and destructively oriendted cable people. I've had cable, adsl and dial-up all happy together on the same Windows 95 and Windows 98 machine. In fact, still using dial-up sometimes if having problems with adsl.

2. You're not very informative on what you do ('hook up to') and on the message you get, and the missing files, which makes it impossible to tell you if you can patch it somehow (which is doubtful).

3. On my Compaq (older) which has the same 'system replace type thing' as yours, the original Windows cabs are in c:\windows\cabs, and you can browse to that when being asked for the CD. This might work. But you complicated things a little bit by upgrading and losing the CD, which - of course - is a very bad idea.

4. Best to do, in my opinion: visit eBay and buy a Windows 98 SE upgrade or full install. And let your daughter pay for it!