1. Please note that just above the text editor (where you enter a question on the forum) is the following paragraph, and if certain information is not present in your question, our reply may not be very helpful:

Tip: If you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others identify your problem for a speedy resolution.

2. IMHO, your question is so void of anything useful to even determine if a question is there, it's an error reported, or you're wasting our time.

a. Put your fingers to work and give an outline of what, when, where and how this question is important and why you're asking. Describe any anomalies to the fullest and give any error or reported message in their entirety.

b. Give as much of the information asked for in #1 above and include any history concerning the machine and installations of hardware or software which has been added or remove in the recent past.

c. Please remember this is to help you and in order to help, we much have accurate and thorough information since we cannot see your computer from here.

Bill Gaston