Although it's a chore to reset all the routers back to their default settings, scan all computers with Malwarebytes or other antimalware program, then change the router settings and reconnect all the devices to the routers again, those steps should fix any malware that may have caused issues. Make sure all routers have their firewalls enabled to medium.

But it appears like there may have been a temporary power issue to the devices. Even if it was just a blink in the power to the routers or other computers, the older laptops (5-7 years old is really old) could easily break because of it. Same thing with the phones as when the network stopped, they could throw the errors.

Although what you say is possible, you haven't told us enough about who was on your computers/phones/play stations at the time of the problem. Are you sure the problems happened at EXACTLY the same time?

Hope this helps.