Computer will not turn on at all.


My computer will no longer turn on at all, I tried unplugging it for awhile etc, there is no response. There is no light on the back to check. It is a hp pavilion, back says a000 front says a706n, however, it has been repaired etc. numerous times as our family computer till it was given to me and I think it is a mix of different hp pavilion parts now. The lines were being worked on this week and the power went off and on for awhile, it was plugged into a surge protector and was off..I think that's the only thing that has changed recently. I'm mostly wondering if there is anyway to test what may be wrong with it ? It is an old not so great computer but it's the only one I have and I'm mostly just concerned that I will lose the pictures that were on it, I am in between jobs and will not be buying any replacement parts atm.


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Reporting: Computer will not turn on at all.
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Given zero budget.

Time to subscribe to, and the free area of the craigslist and watch for either a complete PC or another.

Remember you set the rules. I can't guess what tools and experience you have in repair so for now, subscribe and hope for a freecycle.

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PS. I see this used the Athlon exposed core CPU.
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If no power at all Power suply.

If no lights comes on is the power supply , power cord or outlet on the wall.
if you see lights come on but black screen it could be video chip or south bridge chip.

Do not worry about the information on your hard drive if your machine do not work the hard drive still could be on good shape. just read the hard drive from another machine.

I repair motherboards and recover info from hard drives.

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Remember this is ZERO budget.

And it is from the days of BAD CAPS and the rather treacherous exposed core CPU that you can see what happens in the video. I don't see a lot of these in the shops or repair counters as most have expired.

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heat sink

I test my motherboards without heat sink for up to 10 seconds and as long as the chips do not exceed 230 deg F.
every thing is all right.

the problem is bad if you connect the heat sink to the motherboard and place it on the processor without thermal compound.

I just say it for my experience. hundreds and hundreds of motherboards i worked on.

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Look into...

Open the case with AC cord removed for now. Look inside and observe when you return the AC cord. There should be a LED lite present, is it "ON"? If nothing is ON as in that LED, then true power loss is present. If its that old, then do you really want to save it. You can remove the HD and access it using an ext. USB adapter or case that fits your HD needs then retrieve data. The PSU itself should be generic enough unless you have the micro-ATX style which is yet smaller than typical ATX generic. One or the other, should allow you to fix or access your data/PC.

As Robert offered, you can post on Craigslist or FreeCycle to see if anyone may supply a free or cheap part -OR- loan??? , check it out.

tada ------Willy Happy

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I can not find any led light. I don't really care about having a computer so much as retrieving the pictures that were on it. Guess I'll google how to go about doing that and what all I need. Hopefully they are retrievable.

Thanks everyone.

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