Computer will not boot after power outage - Clones also

After power outage the computer
has vertical dashed lines on the screens and the Windows startup screen
is blurred. It goes through a couple of wait lines then hangs, then
goes to a blank screen with the vertical dashed lines and then after a
minute or so the screen goes off. HD light does a periodic flash but
nothing happens. I'm running Windows XP Pro. Here's the really strange
part - For backup I alternate a couple of identical cloned disks in a tray. When I
boot from either one of the cloned disks (normal disk drive
disconnected) they both do exactly the same thing. I've done the fixmbr
to no avail. Finally did the Windows "R" and it installed Windows again.
This did allow for everything to start up, but the first startup
screen still has the lines in it. IF I continue with this route on my
original disk I'll have LOTS of work to get it all working properly
again - what with networking and everything else

.What could the Windows installation have done to make it boot up again?

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Reporting: Computer will not boot after power outage - Clones also
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Clarification Request
Power issues

Sorry, a power outage pretty much makes life miserable. While you seem to gotten things going, there can be continuing issses due to power outage to include the return power spike as well if any h/w got zappad. So, you have to look at everything that seems to become a probl;em, I can mention that the ida once you fix one item may stop there is mute. P)_ower problems tend to generate anything to pester you. Since, no mention of what is running, PC, s/w, OS, etc., take nothing for granted, back-up now once you got things up and running. Sorry, you mentioned clones, so I guess youi have other systems effected. take precautions now to include surge protectors and any other protection if this is a commkon problem. Also, if this was lightening related do whatever to fix the system and verify of you can better protected the electrical sude to include the Ac box only only the PC plugged-in for whole protection scheme.

tada -----Willy Happy

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Just checking. Any USB things we can unplug?

Sorry, just unplug them all for a test.
Also, try SAFE MODE (widely documented.)

I don't see any machine details so I'll stop here.

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will not boot

As I said in my original post - the computer "will not boot". That includes "safe Mode". The power outage was a "planned power outage" by PG&E that I wasn't aware of. Seems they did a bad disconnect. The computer is on a UPS - however - unfortunately it was plugged into the surge protector side. As I also said in the post, I'm working with the "Clone backup" to find out how to get the orginal drive up and running in it's last state before this happened - reinstalling Windows through the "R" option, which I have done on one - is NOT a Good Option.


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I fear I was unclear.

Unplug all USB things, try again. And with all USB things unplugged, try SAFE MODE.

Your reply was as if you were upset about offering ideas. If so, just say so since I don't want to offend you.
Good luck,

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unclear - yes

Yes, you were unclear - starting your reply with "sorry".

The "only" USB thing plugged in is the cordless mouse / keyboard. Do you think that could be the problem?
"Safe Mode" just puts the computer into a series of reboots.

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Then I apologize.

Sorry if that is unclear and no offense intended but since unplugging that would take just a second, why not try it?

It sounds as if you need technical support such as you get at a service counter. Here we only have what folk tell us and try what we can to avoid the counter.

We're also trying to avoid the reinstall.

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I just tried it - unplugged everything - same thing.

I can tell that you already know that there's no help for this problem "at the counter".

I failed to mention that in addition to doing a "Clone backup" of my computer periodically, I also run MS Backup on a regular basis. Right now I'm running a restore from my last backup onto the Clone I loaded Windows onto. IF this works, it will save me a lot of time and effort as far as reloading all the stuff necessary to get back to the crash point.


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Can't be sure but it does sound like a hardware failure

The re-installation of Windows probably didn't include all of the drivers on its first start. I have to think the screen issue is due to a problem with the card or the display. It may start in some default fail safe mode but try to switch to another resolution or refresh rate which is no longer possible. You didn't give much detail about the computer so it would be difficult to offer much more.

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not a hardware failure

I don't think it's a hardware failure as all the hardware works fine after reinstalling Windows XP with the "R" function on one of the Clones. However, having said that, it would seem that it couldn't be the HD as all three of them have the same problem after the power outage.


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Since all these PCs exhibit the same issue, then the power outage got them. There is no easy fix. You already know what works, you have to repeat the fix on all PCs. Sorry, but i see no other way unless you plan for this in some matter. This is why, I mentioned a power outage causes lingering issues or makes life miserable. You should now reconsider you UPS plan if not a better one, a more robust one.

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Only one PC

There is only 1 (one) PC The Clones are backup HD's that alternate in this PC via a tray.

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Maybe a new post about The One.

Maybe all this other info is clouding the problem. Remember that repairing Windows is never a sure thing. If it was, you wouldn't see so many posts.

Try a fresh new post without distractions.

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Time lost

Clones, clones and more clones. It seems I got side-tracked here. What I presume happened since yu've repaired the PC that the clones were being cloned from, it lost the record keeping or tracking of what needed to be updated for each clone, unless it was whole clone(image) procedure. I would think, offhand the procedure was incremental in order to save time and not do get too in depth other than what was changed. Since, the original PC got repaired it lost that and the clones have no reference or its out of sync sorta speak. While that a guess it pretty much covers it as i see it. After all the clones shouldn't have been effected only the up and running PC. Since, the repair it has changed and the whatver cloning s/w was used it doesn't see what it needs to see.

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Time IS the main problem

The Clones are exact copies made with the Seagate program that came with the drives. This in past practice has always allowed me to just put one in the computer, boot it up,, and continue on.

So, I've still got me original problem. Microsoft came up with a great idea - call the computer manufacture? - just kidding.

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This may be the best clue yet.

If the backup image fails, then the machine needs repairs. It appears from your posts you wanted a diagnosis of the machine or the OS but this last post points to either a change in the BIOS settings or failed hardware.

Remember that we can't see what these machines are made of. It could be that old SATA drive issue where one has to flip the IDE emulation in the bios but that's a long short and nothing more than a comment about the machine's "stuff" may need to be shared.

"What is it?"

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Covered bases

If it isn't h/w and your 100% sure it isn't then it s/w. However, you seem to think that no time is involved in correcting this problem. I have to exit from applying anything more. If the PC is currenting running OK, then recloning is the only option left, no matter what was in the practice before. Something has changed and that's why you're here. If you like post at the Seagate forum own website and/or query there. I honestly can't offer than what supplied already, IMO. good luck

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