Computer Suddenly Running Slow (System Clock, video, etc.)

Recently, my 6 year old computer running Windows 10 64 bit, i7-3770 3.4 GHz, 16.0 GB memory, 1 TB hard drive (not solid state) with 300 GB free, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 started running in slow motion.

The clock runs slow (about 2 seconds for every second to tick by). Videos and games run slow. The scroll bar is slow. Even holding the backspace button is slower than before. Things like typing, dragging windows around, etc occur at normal speeds.

Everything seems to be synchronous with the system clock. I already replaced the bios/cmos battery (and in the process reset it), but nothing has changed. I did the option in windows 10 to reinstall, keeping files, but removing programs. I also verified the latest drivers in device manager and have installed all windows updates.

Since it's all related to the system clock (seemingly), I wonder if anyone has any ideas. Scans of the hard drive and pcmatic scans of the system showed no errors.

Unfortunately, there was not a valid windows restoration point for me to go back to. It seemed to happen randomly one day, not after some installation of software or hardware unless Microsoft was working behind the scenes. My thoughts were either a driver issue, cpu issue, or possible hard drive issue (but the hard drive wouldn't seem to explain the clock).

Appreciate any thoughts or recommendations for further scans, thanks!

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Reporting: Computer Suddenly Running Slow (System Clock, video, etc.)
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A few things to try.
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Testing the drive


with which softwares have you tested the drive? We recommend you to test the drive with the diagnostic software of the manufacturer.

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Scanning the drive

Thanks! I think I had used a Seagate utility, so I'll try to find a Western Digital scan.

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Or you can try to use ChrystalDiskInfo. Happy

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Not so fast. Did they remove Open Candy yet?
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I wonder about the Speccy. Example.

1. The 1080 Ti reported in with 4GB RAM. Is this one of those SPECIAL ALIEXPRESS MODELS?
Go get GPU-Z and see what it reports.

2. Something odd in the Network section. Something has hijacked networking. You must know what it is and why.

3. MIXED SPEED RAM. I don't suspect that yet. Just we know it pulls the speed down a tad to the lowest speed of the sticks installed. Usually not a big impact.

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PS. More clues at the USERBENCHMARK run.
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GPU-Z shows NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
GPU - GP104
Revision - A1
BIOS Version
Subvendor MSI
ROPs/TMUs 64/160
Bus Interface PCIe x16 3.0 @ x16 1.1
Shaders - 2560 Unified
DirectX Support 12(12_1)
Pilexl Fillrate 115.0 GPixel/s
Texture Filrate 287.5 GTexel/s
Memory Type - GDDR5X (Micron)
Bus Width - 256 Bit
Memory Size 8192 MB
BW - 320.3 GB/s
Driver (NVIDIA 411.70)/Win10 64
GPU Clock 1658 MHz
Memory 1251 MHz
Boost 1797 MHz
Default Clock 1658 MHz
Memory 1251 MHz

I'm not an expert on all these settings, but it looks like it's registering the full 8GB here (and also does on the Task Manager).

I'm curious what you saw on the speccy that is a networking concern. I can't think of what is hijacking the network. I live overseas and use a VPN, but that's handled at the router, not on the computer.

I'm trying to see now if there's some other software or setting that's interfering with the speccy, then I'll reupload.

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Is this a laptop with separate BIOS battery in it?

Is this a laptop with separate BIOS battery in it?

Or the RTC chip might have a problem. Try this, set the time manually and turn off auto-update on the date/time. It may be getting a bad internet signal for that. Does this happen even when NOT on internet?

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bios battery

No, it's a desktop. I replaced the BIOS battery on the motherboard last week with no change.

It also happens when disconnected from the internet and not auto-updating time. The system clock issue seems like more of a telling symptom of some sort rather than the problem. For example, a video will play at the speed of the clock, which runs slow.

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Your saying you have 16GB of ram and speccy is saying 26GB.
If speccy is correct I'm surprised you don't have more problems than clock and slow with that mishmash of ram you have.
There are not 2 sticks alike in the whole bunch.

Speccy smart values do not show your hdd to be having a problem.

It would seem that the userbench and your machine don't play nice together.
Not one of the sections completed normal.

Do you allow windows update to update drivers?

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