that's a good question. I don't know if such exist here. I've been around the site for almost 20 years through several iterations of software and don't remember seeing such a page on CNET. You'd probably be better off checking the major manufacturing sites for such pages and then could maybe import the data (especially if CSV exportable) and create your own excel sheet if wanted. It would be a monumental task. For instance, just the Dell Desktop Dimension and Inspiron models alone....

Dimension 1100
Dimension 2300
Dimension 2350
Dimension 2400
Dimension 2400C
Dimension 3000
Dimension 3100
Dimension 4500
Dimension 4500S
Dimension 4550 (400MHz Front Side Bus)
Dimension 4550 (533MHz Front Side Bus)
Dimension 4600 (APG Video Card)

Dimension 4600 (Integrated Graphics)
Dimension 4600C
Dimension 4700
Dimension 4700C
Dimension 5100
Dimension 5100C
Dimension 5150
Dimension 5150C
Dimension 8300
Dimension 8400
Dimension 9100
Dimension 9150

Dimension 9200
Dimension 9200C
Dimension B110
Dimension C521
Dimension E310
Dimension E510
Dimension E520
Dimension E521
Dimension XPS Generation 3
Dimension XPS Generation 4
Dimension XPS Generation 5

The Inspirons...

Inspiron 20 (3043)
Inspiron 3045
Inspiron 3646
Inspiron 3647
Inspiron 3847
Inspiron 400
Inspiron 518I
nspiron 519
Inspiron 530
Inspiron 530s
Inspiron 531I
nspiron 531s
Inspiron 535
Inspiron 535S
Inspiron 537
Inspiron 537s
Inspiron 545
Inspiron 545s
Inspiron 546
Inspiron 546s
Inspiron 560
Inspiron 560s
Inspiron 570
Inspiron 580
Inspiron 580s
Inspiron 620
Inspiron 620s
Inspiron 660
Inspiron 660s
Inspiron 670s
Inspiron One 20 (2020)
Inspiron One 20 (2020) MLK
Inspiron one 20 (3048)
Inspiron One 2205
Inspiron One 23 (2330)
Inspiron One 23 (2350)
Inspiron one 23 (5348)
Inspiron One 2305
Inspiron One 2310
Inspiron One 2320
Inspiron Zino HD

Then you still have the Alienware, Optiplex, Precision, Studio, Vostro, XPS,