Computer randomly freezes for 0.5 sec (Windows 10 - SSD)

Hello. So I've searched web all the way through and still didn't find the solution. The problem is, when I play games, no matter what games (I think that the problem occurs also at a windows level), my computer randomly gets frozen for like 0.5-1s and then it's all ok after the freeze. It sometimes freezes every 2 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, no strong rule. I've set my hard disk drive to never turn off, I've downloaded some SSD software from Intel to optimize it, I've set the bios so that it never tries to save energy and should always provide power and I have no idea why this happens.

My setup:
cpu: i5-7600k
gpu: gtx 1060 6gb
power supply: aerokcas-600
ram: hyperx 2x 8gb (3000MHz CL15, no paging file on purpose cause of big ram, paging file doesn't help)
ssd: Intel SSD 530 Series 120GB (system disk)
hdd: some WD 1TB
motherboard: gigabyte z270 k3 gaming

Maybe someone can help me. Is my power supply not sufficient? Or maybe is my SSD dying? I have no idea. I will run any test that is needed to investigate this problem.

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Reporting: Computer randomly freezes for 0.5 sec (Windows 10 - SSD)
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Clarification Request
have the same proplem did you find a solution for this issu

i have the same proplem did you find a solution for this issue

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This problem has been worked out many times here.

In this discussion there was a clear issue with the SSD high temp. While I can't be sure that is the cause it was there and needed to be brought down.

In your case, why not make a new post with the Speccy report so all can look to see if they see issues?

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There are too many reasons for this.
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Reply with a speccy snapshot

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Speccy reading.

1. The SSD temp looks to be 68C. That's unusually high. I'd look at how the PC is built and see if it's getting air flow.

That temp could cause delayed writes and pauses.

2. Recent install? Speccy does not let me check your post install work. Tell us exactly the steps you perform after a clean install.

3. and more.
There are BOTS on this machine. All bets are off for performance.

Since I encountered a bot, I stopped reading. These are just bad things.

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Final answer

Thank you for your reply. I never knew that my SSD temp was that big. I opened my machine and changed fans positioning a bit so that the airflow is a little bit better. I then played some games and checked the SSD temperatures and it was 35 degrees at max. But unfortunetaly it did not help, even though bots were turned off (they are pretty lightweight).

It's not like the recent Windows install caused this problem, it's more like I performed a clean installation of Windows to get rid of this problem but it didn't help either. It was occuring to me before too. Steps that I always take after Windows installation are:
- all motherboard drivers from official source (gigabyte in this case)
- nvidia graphics drivers
- settings computer efficiency (like virtual memory and so on)
- turning on a spying service
- windows 10 settings (like deleting some apps, turning of privacy and so on)
- power settings (never turn off hdd, screen, max performance)
- turn off Game DVR
-- CCleaner to clean up registry after all


I maybe found a solution for my case today. I'm not 100% sure but I had 0 freezes last 1.5 hours so there's a hope. I thought maybe my monitor could cause a problem becuase this is some old 27" MEDION that I always thought is not good for gaming. I switched over to my 21" Samsung and it looks good so far. This could be a matter of monitor? Like, could it freeze for a moment and then run further?

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turning on a spying service

That's unusual. So bots, so I don't read more. Maybe someone else will.

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I meant turning OFF windows spying service, sorry. I'll post here further if changing monitor helped or not.

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What is that?

There are folk that rename the error reporting to a spying service. I don't. I wish I could help but bots. I've learned to not go near such a PC and reject them at the service counter too.

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Testing the drive


may be a little late... but have you checked the SSD with the diagnostic software of the manufacturer?

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Just wanted to say thanks for the windows defender solution to the freezing issues - have very similar PC with the exact same issue and disabling defender helped with 90% of th issue - still have the odd slight freeze but nothing like it was.

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