computer not performing

my compter is not performing the way i think it should; i meet the requirements of a game and it runs at 60fps, yet its not smooth.

i cnt upload any pictures here, but yes i meet the recommended requirements and its not smooth gameplay and i can not perform well.

what could be the problem? i have no viruses, i have all drivers, erverthing is uptodate, everything is completely defragged and everything is clean on the insise of the compter.

Any idea? please post for me! TY

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Reporting: computer not performing
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its smooth gameplay but then it just skips a frame. my screen just freezes for some miliseconds lets say, all the time.

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Re: freeze
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Thanks for your response, here is the speccy link :)
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There's a message in the queue.
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I see

I assumed that meeting the recommended specs would mean that the game would run smoothly, but you say that is not the case. Alright thank you for your insight.

(ps; thats would be rediculous, Games are posting their (offical) recommended specs to play the game. But the recommended specs will not get you a smooth experience?

For me this means i cant play the game at all, and i say you have to would have to recommend me to get more.

Seems to me that companies are trying to sell as much as they can.
And this tactic of thiers that says i have the RECOMMENDED!! system to play the game on, would totally work on me, because im assuming the game will run smooth since i have the RECOMMENDED SYSTEM TO PLAY IT ON.

(PS2; im just going of on what proffitt is telling me here. which is making me angry, if this is truely how it works)

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I got a nice restaurant for you, i highly recommend it.

Yea, you wanna play this game?

Here, i RECOMMEND you play it on this PC right here.

Absolutely rediculous.

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One more question...

A game recommends me to have 4gb of ram right?

Well i have 4gb of ram, but my system also uses 1.25gb

So do i actually need 5.25gb of ram is my question.

Thank you.

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I think you told me the anwser there proffitt.
Since i dont think there is anything wrong with my computer, it must be this then.

I am so amazed by this.

Game? How am i supposed to know whether to buy you or not now?

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You Assume ....

"You Assume" !
That's the problem , You gamers assume !
You don't do your own research , you just wanna play the game without researching the muscle it takes to play in "High" settings .
When you are only able to play the "game " in low ,settings, they complain "why" and whine ...
Do your own research ? Wow ! What a novel idea !
The creator of the game gives minimal requirements for playing "the game" ,
That means the least amount of thing's , stuff , to make the game play .
It' doesn't mean that the game will play well !
Millennials and GenX 'rs , go figure ....

You won't even tell which game you want to play I "Assume" it's some hack

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You know damn well the insiniation of the statement; Recommended, sir.

Let me make an story example for you;
I have made a game for you friend!

I do recommmend you play my game on this computer.
Ok sweet Steve i have that computer!
Uhm Steve?
Well i played your game on the computer that you recommended i play it on.
Well it didnt run very good.
Yes and when did i say that it would run good Billy?
Well, you recommended i play it on this computer Steve. I assumed...
Ah, you assumed that it would run good?
Yes i assumed to have a good expirience on this computer since you recommended it right?
This IS the computer that you recommended for this game right?
Yes i did recommend this computer.
But you see, i recommended this computer to you even though i knew it would run like your grandfather.

Well then why the heck didnt you recommend that i play it on another computer then?

I have no idea Billy.

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Your posts are becoming disruptive.

Post was last edited on January 27, 2019 2:02 PM PST

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Maybe the first sentence was a little to much, but i didnt think it was a problem.

The person i replied to was way more disrespectfull in my eyes.

He even assumed my genXder. (oh i did that to, damn it)
Well.. he did assume millenials are dumb so there.

So yes, he was also attacking my person, by saying i AM a millenial and I AM dumb. (personal, directed at the type of person i am to him.)

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if we can all agree to be less combative, this thread might last a little longer. Way I see it, you don't agree with advice given you in this thread. A lot has been explained yet your answer to that is, but, and then you go back to your usual nonsense posts.

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right my ''nonsence" about the statement recommended insinuating it wil run good. Such nonsence. Did you read my little story about a man who recommends a computer to the other man to play his game on?

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Not dumb !

there you go Assuming again !

Post was last edited on January 27, 2019 4:11 PM PST

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well, ignorant then? whatever dude same thing.

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Maybe ?

Probably since I don't know what let's see hmmm...
Oh Yes ...Can't seem to be able to figure out what " insiniation " means ?
Maybe in the next edition of "Millennial words for Millenials" Devil
or maybe
"GenX speaks Ebonics" in other than English ? Silly

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the I should be a U ofcourse.

You just go ahead and completely ignore my words/valid argument just because of a slight misspel.

(you just totally called me dumb with your second reply by the way, contradicting your first reply. GG you just spilled the beans all over yourself)

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I haven't called you anything

there you go again , Assuming , making thing's up as you go ..
Acting like a child invites childish responses.

You should read Bob's response below called
"What a small world it is. Here's my Speccy's."
It gives you so much info and yet you still continue to snivel ...
No one Here is going to read it to you ... and Bob put in MOUNDS of effort to educate us
Just stop whining and read Wink

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Well , no l

The question would be , what would it take to play insert a game smoothly ? Oh , Game ? What Game lol ?

Post was last edited on January 27, 2019 2:42 PM PST

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What I see will be shared soon.
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What a small world it is. Here's my Speccy's.

I have a very similar Core2Quad and recently changed up the CPU to the Q9450 because it was 20 bucks and the last possible upgrade.

As this is the end of where this desktop can go I took the RAM up to the 8GB max as 4GB won't deliver. It may be meeting the requirement but we know that won't do.
I also went to all SSD since I can't do a thing about the CPU area.

ALL the tests I did are at
And I went with the 1060 6GB because I'm trying to compensate for the very old (decade plus) CPU.

On with the Speccy reading.
1. It has IObit. Read This is not good stuff.
2. Let's compare the GPUs.
That was unexpectedly much better than I thought it would be.
Let's try the 1050 Ti 4GB next.

Nope. To get today's games to work, you'll have to get the 1060 to see the step up. Also, see how much RAM the 1050 Ti and 1060 has. Your old GPU is doing what old GPUs do.

3. RAM. Sorry but I can't tell if that's an issue. Your system has the far better DDR3 so moving to 8GB may be required along with the GPU update.

4. HDD. The HDD values are fine but with only 4GB RAM and a HDD this PC is stuck in the past.

5. The DNS. Try optimizing your DNS. How?

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Thanks to Lee Koo, this is back.

You can see my old C2Q results now.

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im not even talking about todays games, im talking about games that i have the recommended system for.

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but yes, thanks alot for helping

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Your C2Q is a better platform for upgrades than mine.

Meeting the min requirement has never meant it will run well. Please stop with the bickering above as it only shows what it shows.

Here I have a C2Q system, shared every detail along with why so you can follow what I did and the results.

Since this thread degraded into bickering I can't see installing that game to see how it runs here.

BUT your C2Q has a better memory system so you should outperform my C2Q once you fix it up.

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Your cpu is kind of hot.
Look close at all the heat sinks sometimes they look clean but have imbedded dust in them.
After you get those and all the fans nice and clean post another speccy.

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It's actually pretty good for a Core2Quad Q9450.

It's actually a few degrees cooler than mine. I do have a water cooler and bigger PSU as I ponder if I can get my hands on the RTX 2080 to see what that does in this old garage PC.

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Thank you for your continued responses.

Thank you.

If you wish you could eleborate on why i would need 8gb of ram when a game only requires 4gb?

Is this because the second statement i relayed to Bob is a true one?


"If a game requires 4gb of ram, it does not mean that your 4gb in your computer will be enough since your system also uses ram.''

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Thank you for your response.

Thank you, i also thought about this being a problem.

If you wish to shead more of your insight you could comment on these statements aswell;

"Meeting the recommended specs does NOT mean that the game will run smooth"

(Is this true? Because someone else said this)
(This guy is saying im stupid for viewing this as the likes of a friend who recommends me a restaurant)

and also;

"If a game requires 4gb of ram it does not mean your 4gb is enough since your system uses ram aswell.''

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