1. The article [Q175148] explains that when scrolling through IE Web pages or through mail headers or mail messages with OE, the computer may stop responding (hang) and can occur when using certain video cards. Method 2 and Method 3 could be appropriate for any type video adapter card or drives causing hangs. Use this procedure regardless to see if the anomaly is corrected.

2. The article [Q276393] provides information to help diagnose and resolve issues when an unrecoverable error -- also known as user-mode (fault or exception) message. Note: it is hightly suggested the steps outlined in this article be used and followed for each segment of troubleshooting.

3. The article [Q275543] describes known issues that may cause an Invalid Page Fault error message. Note: This article provides an extensive list of known issues for troubleshooting.

4. In the future, describe that mouse used by manufacturer, model number, and connection type.

Bill Gaston