Computer keeps freezing, need help

Hey everyone thanks for the time, I am getting a bit stumped with a computer problem I have been having. For the better part of half a year now I have been getting an issue where my computer will randomly freeze during games. For some reason this seems to occur more often with blizzard games then other titles (could be conincidence)
The freezing is pretty inconsistent, sometimes It will go a long time, sometimes its short. sometimes it is a one off and will let me continue to play, other times it will keep freezing . Also as well, when this freeze occurs and I reboot windows (after a hard boot) the computer will freeze up during windows load. This part has so far happened 100% of the time, causing another hard reboot. After that it will boot just fine.

I know this is a hard thing to pinpoint but let me go through what I have tried:

Replacement storage drive (my games are all on a secondary drive)
Replacement video card (it did die , but the new card is having the same issue)
Fresh format of windows
Uninstalling and re-installing the drivers (both computer and video card)
Obviously starting and restarting the computer.
Checking my solid state to make sure its in good standing (so far the few programs I have used say it tests out fine)
Event viewer gives me no hints , the few warnings it gives me are for errors I have searched and found no results that would be causing this.
I am getting near the end of my rope with this and was wondering if anyone had a fresh perspective?


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Reporting: Computer keeps freezing, need help
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Clarification Request
What is this PC?
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System specs

Dependent on the part, some pieces are well under a year (video card, hard drive containing the games)
Some are a bit over the year and a half mark (processor, mobo, half of the ram, I am using two mixed sets)

The SSD is about 5 years old

One thing I forgot to mention is that I did test the ram already using the built in windows option, and two passes revealed no issues.

Part of me wants to say one of the sets of ram or the SSD, but tools are telling me they should be fine. They are just the older parts.

and system specs:

Thanks for your time and quick reply

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Where's item 1?

Check my list.

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cant believe i missed that, Coursair RM 750I

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First thing I noticed is mixed RAM. Pull the two small sticks then run CHKDSK /F/X on all drives.

Be back later with a more detailed reading. Keep in mind I see way too many AMD builds with complaints. I'll try but no assurances.

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Speccy reading. What I would do if mine.

1. RAM. Run with only matched sticks. All same in same machine. Do not mix. If you mix and hang, don't mix.
2. PSU is top notch. Not a suspect.

3. Dual displays. Until stable. Unplug one.
4. DVD Drive. Unplug till stable.

5. Power Profile. Change to never for now. Change back when the machine is stable.

6. Malwarebytes. Good stuff but uninstall till machine is stable.

7. Those failed updates. Many reasons why that happens but run CHKDSK on all drives with /F /X and then reboot and let them complete.

8. BIOS is current. Always a good thing.

9. The networking has me guessing you are using a cable modem without a router. While good for speed you can have folk pinging and FUZZING your machine. Ask if you don't know about fuzzing. It's not a sure thing but W10 is Microsoft's best so far in respect to IP attacks. But you know that story.
Nothing to do here but if you have a router, move to that ... until stable.

RECAP. The only thing that sticks out is the mixed ram. The old appears to be another speed and well, 2010? The new is very new and higher speed. That alone could be it.

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PS. If the freeze during Windows load continues
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So just a update, i have taken your advice and will test it for awhile to see how it works. hopefully this is the solution

I feel a bit silly that I had not considered this , as its pretty stock standard stuff, but I guess helping other people with their computers is easier to think in useful ways then your own. So R.Proffitt thank you for the time and the ideas, and I will get back to this place with the update . Its irregular so it may take a while to be confirmed to my standards.

Yeah the ram was old, I guessI have a issue with throwing things out when I have the vauge concept that they may be useful haha.

thanks again!

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The very next day.

I'm thinking the RAM and the fast startup are prime suspects.

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So I have started slowly implementing the ideas here. I decided not to do it all at once in the interest of slow elimination of what it could be

So far I have: Removed malware bytes
Running the ram with only the matched sticks
changed the power profile
Removed fast start up.

The freezing seems alot less consistant, but still seems to be happening, almost purely with heros of the storm at this point.. going to keep trying things

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If the lockup only happens with a game then we need to STOP and look to see if others are reporting that.

There are a dozen Heroes game programs so STOP WORK until you tell more.

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update 2

So with this I have made a few other swaps and will continue pruning at it

in the very off chance It may be the motherboard ram slots, I have moved the ram from the channels they were in to the other empty set

I have unplugged the DVD drive

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Just curious

After you get this sorted, is there some reason you went with 1600 ram since the cpu and the mobo support 1866 ram?

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honestly? Because I dont think the cost gain ratio of higher speed ram is justified

But its also worth noting that my current computer is several large steps above where I have ever had a computer before so what do I know?

I have a job that pays better then prior ones and still meets my savings, so I decided to treat myself to a few high end parts for this system. I tend to keep things for a very long time so .. well, I guess I just made something I thought was nice, and a good compromise of cost and gain. there is no high end things, hell the only games I am playing right now are mass effect and heros of the storm So I guess the whole thing is a combination of a pet project, and just wanting a nice gaming experience, rather then benchmarking or optimization

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Speccy reading May 8 2016

1. Memory looks matched. OK there.
2. Motherboard and such is from 2011?
-> With it going random a few things.
a. Age is typical for this sort of machine to do this. Cures include the following and replacing mainboard, CPU and older cards.
b. Do not overclock. It's older. You have to strive for stability.
c. Clean the inside and replace ALL heatsink compounds. Think of it as the million mile rebuild.
d. All fans must work like new.
e. Leave the case cover off for now and NO I am not claiming it's heat.

3. Single display till it's stable.

4. CHKDSK /F /R /X all disk drives.

5. Unplug the optical till stable.

6. Power Profile. Set to never until stable.

Looks very clean but do complete CHDKSK first.

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