Computer keeps crashing

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Motherboard: ASRock x399 Taichi
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X 8-Core Processor 3.80GHz
Video Card Original: ATI Radeon HD 5870
Video Card New: RX 5700

While playing Overwatch with original video card, the screen went purple with black lines, flickered and restarted the machine.
The screen remained black, the monitor light flashing like it was in power saving mode.
Reinstalled Windows.
Updated Windows.
Updated Bios.
Installed latest chipset drivers.
Installed video card drivers, and instantly restarted back to black screen, multiple restarts didn't help.
Repeated the reinstall process to make sure. Same thing as soon as video card drivers were installed.
Removed video card, reinstalled Windows, and waited a 3 days for the new video card.
I was on the computer browsing the web in this time, and once or twice a day I would get blue screens of death.
After each one, I would search online and follow the solutions people had.
Stop Codes

Replaced video card with the RX 5700.
Reinstalled Windows.
Updated Windows.
Installed latest chipset and video card drivers.
Installed games: Overwatch and Shadows of War.
Scanned drives for errors, ran stress test on RAM, CPU and GPU - all good.
Started up Overwatch, played a game. Started up Shadows of War, blue screens of death.
One of the fixes for one of the codes said to run Verifier, which caused a bsod loop, so reinstalled Windows again.
Tried running Verifier again: DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VIOLATION. Another loop, another reinstall, but used a differnt copy of windows in case the first was corrupt.

After two more Windows reinstalls, with only the drivers and games, I haven't received a bsod, but it does the restart to black screen(monitor in power down mode).
A restart often goes to white screen and locks up, and second restart it starts normally.

Currently it has only had one crash in the last 24hrs(IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL), which makes it harder to know if something I've tried has worked.

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Reporting: Computer keeps crashing
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Always ask the motherboard maker.

Sometimes they have a BIOS in the making to cover issues so be sure to ask.

My method for such hard to trace issues is to swap cards and boards along with clean installs. Let me share my Windows 10 install routine.

1. Update BIOS.
2. Set BIOS according to the manual or maker.
3. Install Windows. Let it update.
4. Install the drivers in order from motherboard, audio then video. Then the other drivers and apps.
5. If you suspect driver issues, disable Windows Driver Update which is not to be confused with Windows Update and how is on the web.
6. If the video drivers are suspect, use DDU (again, what is and how to use is on the web) to clean out all drivers and install the version noted to be stable.
7. If the issue only occurs on a game or two, research that. Time and time again I've tracked game crashes to settings in the game with the help of the game's support forum.

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Threadripper specifics.
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Thanks for the quick replies

I've looked into the two games, and no one seems to be having similar issues to me, with various BSOD's and black screens.
I've done the BIOS and Windows installs as suggested, and been careful with the order of driver installs.
A friend thought it may be a compatibility issue between the older motherboard(X399) and the newer video card(RX 5700). But I don't have a second video card to test anything further.

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And there's a lot more about that.


I'm not writing there's a solid cure but look around and you find that the video driver version is important. Don't think that the latest is the best. You will find that for AMD they still issue versions that create troubles so you learn to find a good one and then do the old Windows Driver Disable (skip this step and you are in pain) then DDU and install the driver you wanted.

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I did try older versions, but that didn't work so went back to the newest one.
Thanks for those links though, some of those have some stuff similar to mine, so I'll read through them all and try any fixes they suggest.

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A Couple of Things to Try

Your motherboard has four PCIe - X16 slots. Try moving your graphics card to slot 2. I'm sure it doesn't need saying but, as a reminder to any less experienced readers, shutdown the computer first, remove power cord, ground yourself to avoid a static spark, reseat the graphics card in slot 2, reconnect power cord and boot up.
Failing that, there's always the memory test. Very unlikely to be the cause of your problem, of course, but maybe worth a try? Shutdown, remove all but one stick of RAM memory, test the computer. Repeat with other sticks, one at a time. Also, try each module in each of the two "primary" RAM slots.
It's also possible you have a faulty motherboard. If it's under warranty you can email ASRock tech support with full details of your troubleshooting steps and ask for their advice. I did that a few years ago regarding a problem with my Z97Extreme4 board. They suggested one or two extra steps which didn't fix it. Then they replaced the board under warranty. The replacement has been perfect for about four years.

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Thanks to all

That is something I was going to try, move it from slot 1 to slot 3(the other 16, slot 2 and 4 are 8's says the manual). I was also going to clean the RAM again, and triple check everything was clicked in right.
However, reading orums, there were two solutions that have seen the last 36hrs bsod free.
1. Disabling the hardware acceleration in my browser seems to fix the PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGE AREA bsod.
2. Turning off Enhance Sync, one of the "recommended video card" settings seems to fix the IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL bsod.

It's possible the other bsod's errors I got were separate issues that were solved as I kept trying solutions people suggested, leaving those last two which were quite persistent. I'm having some jittering, but the bsod's seem to have gone.

Thanks again to everyone for your quick responses and great suggestions.

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That item 1

Item 1 points to driver issues. This shouldn't be needed unless there's a bug in the video driver.

Keep in touch with AMD about this one.

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New driver

Was in the process of reporting the issues, and noticed a new driver has come out, 19.9.2, and lists fixes to those last two issues. I'll try a fresh install of the new driver later today.

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