Computer freezes randomly

Don`t know exactly all my specs, but I have sth like:
windows xp professional sp3
asus p5qc motherboard
intel core2 quad cpu Q8300 2.5 ghz
3.2 gb ram
nvidia gforce 9800 gt
and since I assembled it I started having these problems.
ctrl+alt+del doesn`t work and I have to restart it every time, tried changing the hard disk but seems that wasn`t the problem.
also I noticed that while in some days it doesn`t freeze at all, usually when it happens the problem occurs several times(2-3) in a short period. Also, it freezes if for example I run a fullscreen hd movie or play a game or even after starting the computer from standby.
I thought maybe it`s the graphics card,but could sure use some suggestions.....

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Reporting: Computer freezes randomly
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I spy a 9800.

Many have aged and a cause of the issue. The 3.2GB ram is very very odd. Not one machine in thousands over the years had that possibility of RAM so I guess that's what a 32 BIT Windows reports.

It is XP so we know that installing the OS is not straighforward.

We also know that the power supply is very important along with heat sink compound, fans and more.

There is some 100 reasons for this machine to lock up given the short story you gave. I see no reason to offer any any reason over the others except to ask you re-check your power supply choice.

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Thx a lot Bob, well about the power supply....I`ve got a thermaltake 450W tr2 qfan/atx 12V 2.3 version/PFC/14cm

So should I purchase a power supply tester or sth like that to diagnose the problem?
Oh yeah, and the RAM thing...I actually have 4 gb, but yes that`s what windows reports

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So did you research that PSU and it's rails?

I see the PSU has 2 17 Ampere rails. Looking around I see the 9800 can tap that small rail very hard and a lockup is one result, reboot too.

Odd choice for a gamer machine. Who designed this?

This is not saying it's that but certainly a possibility.

Today you suggest the single rail PSU to avoid balancing the rails or pushing a rail too hard. Some folk forget that PSUs age and think it's capable of 17 Amperes for years. I think it's 17 new and figure 50% in a year so I don't run into that issue.

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Hello again

Actually someone helped me build the pc, so he could have been mistaking when choosing the components
So from what you said I understand the psu might not be providing enough voltage(sorry I`m no electronic expert)....great so what`s the next step, test it with a more powerful power source?

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Or reducing the load.

Keep in mind that most 8800/9800's are old enough to create machine issues. I've seen a person change the entire machine and keep this card. The lockups continued. You are the best source for what it could be. You've lived with it long enough to get a feel for what to change. You can leave the cover off and remove an optical drive and what else? to reduce the load.

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too bad I don`t have a feel for these things

Really don`t know how to operate "inside" a computer, but there`s a first time for everythingGrin maybe removing an optical drive isn`t that hard

Anyhow thanks again I`ll let you know what goes on

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I don't have to remove the drive.

Just power down and unplug the 2 cables from that drive. The usual SATA optical drive cables are keyed and you can't get them on wrong (unless you are quite forceful.)

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