In such cases as yours, I would change the PSU out. It may fix the issue immediately or at least seem to. Why? Because the PSU is so taken for granted. The PSU over time will start to wear&tear from usage. It also is the fundamental basis of a stable system. Other devices(all) will depend on the PSU to deliver the proper and stable voltages required. What can happen if not a direct lost of power, a "REDUCTION" of power or its stable output. These contribute to a f1aky system that's hard to pin-point the cause. Components and devices that are effected in turn become a secondary source of problems after the PSU has been replaced but it will appear to at least settle down. Only after swapping/replacing devices will the issue go away. This doesn't exclude a true h/w fault that may have attributed to a PSU weakness or may appear so. You become a "dog chasing its tail" in order to fix *all* causes, in other words, there maybe more than one problem but started from a weak or compromised PSU.

Next, don't fall down if I say it could be a windoze thing. After 1.5yrs. of updates and whatnot for the windoze to be at now, does start to effect the system. It becomes more burdensome at the windoze level and finally depending on the system starts to show. Usually, increasing ram can help if low amount for the level of work being done to include the cpu if being overloaded as well. The "static" you mentioned is a sign of a slow system but because its audible the other visible effects are video "artifacts" or simply slow system.

You think because of the bios possible reactions it may not be windoze, well it could. Windoze needs the h/w to be loaded and a early startup process is low-level just before windoze kernel gets loaded that if not right will slow down the system, but at this level no real visible or audible clues other than they're missing.

Last, you may have a poor mtrbd. that's starting to go either because of "bad caps" or used in an extreme way. Its just been over-taxed and starting to go, replace.

tada -----Willy Happy