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Computer freezes after going into standby mode. Hard reboot.

I have an HP Pavillion 6500, 2 gb, 32 bit, windows vista. I have noticed that lately when my computer goes to standby mode (when I don't type for maybe 20-30 minutes), it remains "on", but the screen in black, I hear the processor or the fan, but no matter of button pushing helps to stop the standby mode, and I am forced to do a hard restart.

I have norton antivirus and scan often and also scan with malware bytes.

What is going on with my comp? Can someone help me with this?

thank you. Happy

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Reporting: Computer freezes after going into standby mode. Hard reboot.
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topping for more help :)

topping for help.

I looked at the standby settings, and I don't think that they are causing this issue. If I leave my computer on for maybe over 30 minutes, then it will usually freeze, and I will have to do a hard shut down and restart.

I am running Norton and Malware bytes, and it only finds a tracking cookie at best.

How can I fix this? Should I do a system recovery? What are the effects of doing a lot of system recoveries (like 1 every few months)?

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What machine is this?

The DV6000 and DV9000 suffer from a very bad issue. You can google that but the cure is to replace the motherboard which only cures it for another year or so. If it is a dv6000 laptop series I suggest you ask for a replacement machine that does not use that nvidia chipset.

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well, I cannot replace laptop for a while or afford repairs

Well, replacing my laptop is not an option at this point. Is a system recovery helpful in this situation?

What can I do to improve the life of my laptop?

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You didn't answer my question. The dv6000 issues are well known and not subject to improvement except for one thing.

If you had taken the laptop and set it on a desk with a cooling pad adn never carries around like a laptop there is a chance that this machine could have escaped the usual problems. But once these models start showing signs like you shared the end is not far away.

My best advice is to not find yourself locked out of the machine and your files are inside. Many find out how expensive data recovery is when this happens.

More at

Only an ostrich would ignore this one.

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thank you for your advice

I am not sure of the question you asked.

I do back-up my data very often, via an external harddrive.

Since you say this is not fixable, and aside from the link you provided, which I will not need to use because of the external hard drive, does anyone have information about how to extend the life of the computer in this situation?

Thank you for your advice, and I look forward to responses from others as well. Happy

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The question was

What model this was. My replies are about the dv6000/dv9000 line. There are other lines and other makes with this troubled design and chips but the symptoms are not good and consistent with the parts used.

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Sorry again.

I see I have some typographic errors and misspellings but the trouble with the dv6000/dv9000 models are well known.

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Anyone have estimate on cost to fix?

If it is a motherboard issue, does anyone have any estimate of how much they cost to replace?

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Also. could it be an overheating issue?

My laptop does get very hot (usually because I have it on my lap) and the fan sounds a bit loud at times when playing movies.

Would getting some kind of laptop cooling pad help with this issue? Could overheating cause the freezing during non-usage?

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This issue is now well known with thousands of web posts all over. And just like others you wish it was something else. And as I've seen this far too many times I too wish it was something else.

As to the laptop cooling pad it only delays the eventual outcome. It does not cure the problem. Then again a few find it brings the machine back from the edge (cure?) but off the cooling pad and it just crashes again. Not a cure.

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thank you

I appreciate your input, and also looking for others as well. Thanks. Happy

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Looking you say.

The issue is sadly well known. I'm guessing you want those replies here and not on other discussions.

This issue with these model lines and chips of this design is slamming owners by the thousands. This may not make you feel any better but my best advice is to get away from this machine. Do not spend money on it and keep your files safe.

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I found other options online

Thank you for your input, I am trying to get more advice from others, as I have read online various causes to the freezing (such as overheating, the fact that the cpu usage is very high, memory issues, etc.), rather than just the response that it cannot be fixed and a link that I don't feel comfortable clicking on.

I do appreciate your input, just looking for a bit more advice. thanks anyway

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I just updated that link
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the issue is with the info in the response

The issue is that I am asking for 1) why is this happening to my computer and 2) what can be done to alleviate it or fix it. The issue isn't that I only want certain replies, but that when someone just says "can't be fixed, thousands of responses about this", but no real information, then I am not sure if they are trying to sell me something or steer me to an unsafe link.

I looked at other sites, like fixya, and there is more discussion about why this happens (such as problems with the laptop overheating (which I have), and or excessive cpu being used (which I have as well).

I am trying to learn about my computer while seeing if anything can be fixed. So, the more information about the how and why something happens is what I am looking for.

Thank you for your advice, I am just asking for a bit more input.

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As you know it's a big issue. I have ONE MORE QUESTION.
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I dont feel comfortable clicking on a link

when there isn't a lot of information provided. please understand that on many forums, there are spambots who will make you think they have an answer and just provide a link, and well, it isn't a good or safe link.

What is the link describing?

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It's an offer from HP

That's the HP site where they offer extended warranty to some of these models due to the problem.

Good luck and I have unsubscribed so to not upset you.

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thank you for the link. I am not upset.

I am not upset at your responses. Just please understand that when you give the responses you give, but without any real sort of explanation, then I cannot tell if the information is valid, or if I am being pointed to buy something.

For example, if you were to say "due to x, y, and z, which causes these problems, the motherboard/hard drive/etc. act in such a way. This can or cannot be fixed because of....". That is what helps me more than some of the other responses which are more vague.

thank you for your help. I didn't notice you were a moderator, and should have asked you to explain your posts better so that I can understand.

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My apologies.

It's like the old install XP to the SATA hard drive discussion. After a few thousand times you may get shorter answers. The dv6000/dv9000 and the other models afflicted are now something now of "not another one" type query. It's sad but after so many posts about this one to answer at length may not be possible. I can only hope you research this model line and see the thousands of posts about it.

Then again you notice the owners pleading for any other fix or solution.

Hope this helps,

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In the 300 buck or higher ranges. 300 for the board and about 120 to change the board. Call HP for the exact price.

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Thank you for the link! :)

With the link that was provided, I was able to go to hp's site, and download a new bios for 2008. I bought my laptop prior to 2008.

The notes on the website say that my comp isn't under the extended warranty list, but, that the new bios will change some of the fan algorithms(?).

I did update the bios, and well, the fan is soooo much quieter? Is this a good or bad thing.

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Could be a good thing.

The bios and power management change to keep the chips cooler and a slower fan may be the good result. Sorry if I shortchange everyone about this story. It's been done many times about how the makers issue bios and drivers to slow down the chips to get the parts to last a little longer. It does not cure the machine. If it works and you get by a little longer then that's good as it lets you get by a little longer.

Keep on backing up and make new plans.

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