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Computer doesn't recognize memory

I recently upgraded the memory on a Windows XP box, but my motherboard won't recognize the memory. The new memory is model number HPQ00-20853-604, PC2100 1GB 266MHz DDR. I purchased two sticks of the same. The computer won't recognize either. I am using a KT2 Combo motherboard. I know the slots are fine. They still work with my old sticks, both of them 512 MB (one PC2700 one PC3200). My bios says the ram speed is 266 MHz and my manual says my motherboard is compatible with PC2100. When the PC boots up the monitor is just blank. No beeps or anything. Is the memory defective or did I purchase the wrong RAM?

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Reporting: Computer doesn't recognize memory
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Might be right.
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Not my MB

My manual says the maximum RAM capacity is 2GB (1GB x 2 slots). I don't believe the link above corresponds to my board exactly. I am not trying to upgrade 168-pin SDR. I am trying to upgrade 184-pin DDR. My motherboard has slots for both. And before you ask, I am not trying to use both at once. I am only trying to use the DDR slots.

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There were boards that

Only accepted low density 1GB sticks. Compare what CRUCIAL.COM offers in the details about ARCHITECTURE of the memory. But the rules are simple. If the sticks don't work and it's not the old didn't plug it in all the way then it's incompatible. Many lose weeks or months fighting it. Let's see how long it takes you to return the incompatible sticks.

In the future supply links to the board to save folk looking up the wrong board.

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Sorry for not being able to post a link, but I haven't been able to find one since I purchased it about 8 years ago. MSI apparently doesn't support it anymore but it is based on the KT266A chipset.

Thank you for your input. I am with you in thinking it isn't compatible, but it would be helpful if I could figure out why so that next time I try to upgrade the memory I choose the correct one.

Here is the information from my manual regarding memory capacity under the specifications:

"Main Memory
>Support two 183-pin unbuffered PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM or two 168-pin unbuffered PC100/133 SDRAM
>Supports up to 2GB memory size"

And then under the hardware setup section in the memory portion:

"The mainboard provides two 184-pin unbuffered PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM or two 168-pin unbuffered PC100/133 SDRAM and supports the memory size of up to 2GB. To operate properly, at least one DIMM module must be installed."

Is the memory I purchased buffered? Is that the problem? If so, what should I look for to make certain I purchase unbuffered memory next time around?

Here is the link from which I purchased the memory for help. If you can indicate what I need to be looking for there, it would really be a big help to me.

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sorry missed the link
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That's not very normal memory.

I see ECC, REGISTERED and frankly such sticks are only used when the board calls for such.

The price is great but it's time to try normal ram. No ECC. No REGISTERED.

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time to reorder

Yeah, the price is what gave me incentive to try it out. There are similarly priced sticks of unbuffered memory available at other sites though. I will have to try them out. Thanks for the help.

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Also, I ran a scan of my computer at to see if that helps, but the information is inaccurate. It thinks I have an MS-6712 series, but the motherboard is clearly labeled MS-6764 series. And if that weren't enough, it thinks I have three memory slots, which you could tell isn't true just by looking at the board (it has two for DDR). Finally, it says that it doesn't support dual-channel memory (which it does).

The scan does say that it doesn't support ECC, but I don't know if that means much considering it doesn't seem to have my board's specs accurately. It might be so if the 6712 is similar enough to the 6764. However my 6764 is clearly different from the one in the link you found (KT2-Combo as opposed to KT2-Combo-L).

I suppose I should expect as much given that my board rarely shows up completely accurately on these types of scans. Even Belarc thinks it is a 6712. I am guessing the chipsets are very similar for it to come up like that on different scans, either that or both scans use a similar or the same methodology. But as I said, MS-6764 is printed right on the board and it certainly doesn't look like a 6712 anyway (which does have three memory slots).

Anyway, I hope that is enough information on my MB. I realize it isn't an easy board to search for.

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