Computer crashes when playing games.

Hello everyone out there, would like to get some help on my issue.

Got my computer setup few months back but whenever i play games it just crashes after a few mins in even when graphic is set at lowest such as CS:GO.

computer specs:
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model: Z170X-Gaming 7
BIOS: F22m
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 24576MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 12
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB MSI

Got kind of irritating after awhile. would appreciate alot for your help. THANKS!

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Reporting: Computer crashes when playing games.
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Clarification Request

That could very well be the power supply crapping out. I do not see the power supply mentioned, but that video card requires at least a 400w PS

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Oh sorry power supply is VS550W

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PSU looks OK, single rail, seems big enough.

BIOS current so we'll have to hear what errors you see on screen or if this just reboots.

The only thing I see that's odd is the 24GB RAM. Start with your largest stick of RAM. Use just one. Test. If that clears it up, use the second stick in the slot the motherboard calls out for the pair. Do not mix makes, sizes or models of memory sticks as while it works for some, it can cause very hard to track down problems.

Be sure to read your machines Speccy report for any drive issues in the SMART values.
Example at if you want the forum to check this.

Finally there is no mention of heatsink work. I'm running across more machines with poor installations or ones the builder thought the compound was optional. Tell a little more here.

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Thanks for the advice.

The i tried with 2 X 4GB previously and thought it was insufficent that's why i bought another 16 to add in. Didn't know it matters that much will take your advice and remove them.

As for heatsink i am using Artic MX-4 Thermal compound on a Cooler Master 212(LED).

This is a first for me too and people are speculating a faulty GPU but i couldnt test that using my integrated video card as it would just lag my entire PC when i start the game even at lowest setting and i do not have a spare GPU to test it out.

As for the Speccy report i took it before i do anymore changes to my computer so:

I realised it only happens when there is a sudden surge in graphics and it never restarts on any games that is using low graphics. But it is just my speculation, would not know if it would help in resolving the issue.

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So you didn't test as I noted?

So it appears you have testing to do. Mixing RAM like this can result in very hard to diagnose issues. Seasoned techs will not allow mixing.

1. From the speccy I see Slimware Utilities which can cause more troubles than they solve.
3. Read Error Rate on the HDD looks very high.

As the memory test was not done, that's next.

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RAM wasnt the issue

Tried not mixing the ram. only had 2 x 4gb or 2 x 8gb ram at one point of time only but didnt solve the issue.

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The clues so far are?

I noted the high error rate on the HDD. That's next.

Remember that driver updates introduce problems. They do not solve them.

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HDD changed

HDD changed but the problem still persist...

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What else is there for clues to the crash?

Remember that disk errors can lead to a corrupted OS. I see I already noted driver updates are a bad idea when you have a good set of drivers. Be sure to share areas you suspect and a new Speccy.

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New problem
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New Speccy reading. What I would do.

1. Unplug that USB storage. It can dog performance at odd times.
2. Norton. Does odd things to some PCs. Until solved go native with Defender.
3. The Optical Drive. Are you using it much? Unplug till solved.
4. The PSU. I looked again and unless it's very old, it looks good enough with a nice single rail. Is there a reason to suspect this?

Things to get done.
5. Do the CHKDSK /F /R /X on all drives. Will take time so when you have the time.
Article on use:
6. Since you had some iffy drive before, SFC time after the CHDKSK. Read how:
7. Power Profile. Until solved set them all to never or very very long times. In many cases 0 (zero) is infinite.
8. Hotfixes. I read here where you are accepting Microsoft driver updates. I disagree this is a good thing. I'd disable then install the maker's drivers for motherboard, audio, video, LAN and WiFi again.

9. Skype? Do you use it? If not, disable. How is on the web.
10. Lots of system connections. Is Windows 10 update sharing turned off? How to turn off:

11. CPU CORE: 0.624 V
This seems low. Look at your BIOS and see if you can up it by 0.1V.
Bios is current so maybe check to see what defaults can do for this?
You can research CPU core voltages but this looks low. Can cause odd hangs, reboots.

As always, your choice on each item and not all cause crashes. We want to head to stock as much as possible.

The drive SMART values look clean now.

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