Compaq is on the X1400 level now on prebuilts. Mine was a X1360US in May 2004.

So this X1040CA is quite an old configuration. You will notice it only has b wifi --you don't want this. Nearly any notebook out now has the Intel 2200b/g (54G) instead of the older Intel 2100b.

Also, this means this notebook likely only has PC2100RAM instead of the PC2700 RAM they upgraded to on 2004 models.

Also, the cpu is a Banias 1.5 (only 1mb L2 cache not the 2mb L2 cache with new Dothan Pentium M's)

If there is any way you can order from the US website do so now.

There is a $100 US instant rebate on the HPZT3000 (same as X1000) and the $100 custom order rebate (US also) expires 9/1/04 (you must order by then). And, you can get a free upgrade from a DVD ROM to a CD-RW/DVD ROM.

This is the very end of back to school in the US so these deals are here now and gone soon.

Otherwise, at least find a notebook in Canada with PC2700 RAM, 54G wi-fi (Intel 2200b/g) and hopefully a Dothan processor.(715 or higher Pentium M)