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Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!

Anyone know if there's a knack for opening the case for a Compaq Deskpro? Model PD1005. Seems to have star screws but they don't seem to be fastening the case together in any way? Most perplexing!

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Reporting: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!
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Re: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!
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Re: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!

if it's the case I think it is, there is one large thumb type screw on the back, and then you get in front of the computer and basically slam the palms of your hands near the wrist down on the top as you shove backwards.

If it's the other type that I also had a bear of a time with, you have to take the front cover plate off and then the screws are hidden under that plate and it screws off from the front instead of the back like most covers.

I hated Compaq's.........


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Re: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!

I think the front cover plate sounds like the most likely solution, since there are no screws on the back that look remotely likely, and the two clips on the front plate look like they must do SOMETHING.... but, WHAT!!!!

I'll have to use some elbow grease Grin

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Re: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!

If it's like my friend's (Compaq DeskPro EN) you'll not only need elbow grease, but a flat, firm surface and good, strong fingers.

On my friend's computer on each side of the case near the front bevel there are two half-moon shaped clips that can be pushed in. The problem is that you really have no clue which way the cover is supposed to come off while your pressing the clips in. I did this:

1) Disconnect all cables from the back of the computer's case.
2) Find a hard flat surface. (The floor works best.)
3) Stand the case up so that the back (where the cables plug in) is down on the floor, and the front bevel is pointing toward the ceiling.
4) Reach down and press the clips on both sides in, then pull the front bevel up toward you.
5) The entire cover (Top, sides, and front bevel) should slide right off the top of the case.

I found that after having done this the "seal" seemed to break so now I can remove the cover quite easily without having to disconnect everything.

Good luck!

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Re: Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in!

I fell on this thread as I Googled for the same problem. Madd_Mann's solution worked like a charm. Thank you very much.

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Spent half an hr searching to find this. Saved me the embarrassment of returning to the shop and asking them to open it Silly
Thnx alot

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Compaq Deskpro EN 6266/3.2 Case Open Method

Thanks, this was the trick for my Compaq Deskpro EN 6266/3.2. Luckily I only looked at it and didn't even attempt to get in before I googled it and found this answer.

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compaq case

Your posting was spot-on accurate and well-stated. Thank you for your help!

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Worked like magic..

Almost spent 20 mins fiddling around but no luck. Finally googled it and and your post did the charm. Thanks

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Added Help

My case was also difficult. Once I read madd_mann's post and realized which direction to move the lid I placed two 1" x 4" blocks of wood between the floor and the edges of the phlange on both sides. By pushing the whole computer down onto the wood the lid popped off. Thnx, madd_mann!

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Compaq Deskpro case - can't get in! - variants

Madd_Mann's method did not work in my case (a batch of 3 EN Deskpro's), but he gave me a clue. Thank you M_M!

This is how I did it, and how, at the end, I understood why M_M's method did not work for me.

First: verify in your BIOS that the cover is unlocked. If it isn't, do unlock it.
Then REBOOT! (Why? => the hardware lock is only unlocked at reboot. You can hear the unlocking 'click'.)
Shut off your PC and disconnect the power cable.

Method #1:
Press the 'thumbholes' at the two sides of the cover.
Prevent the 'ears' from jumping back by inserting two small pieces of folded paper of wood into the slots you created just before by pressing the two 'ears'.
Position a small wooden block on the rear side of de PC on the upper edge of the cover.
With a small wooden, rubber or metal hammer GENTLY knock on the piece of wood resp. the rear upper side of the cover.
The cover will then shift about 1-2 cm to the front of the PC and you can easily lift it off. (Note: your PC will not feel anything of your knocks, because it just stays where it is.)
Do your things, but also clean the sliding surfaces of the cover and the PC-frame. It really makes a difference!

Method #2:
Once the sliding surfaces are clean, you can do it 'the Compaq way'. Just press the thumbholes, slide the cover frontward, and at the same time, move your fingers from the 'thumbholes' to the front part of the ears. It is as if you fingers are sliding over a bump - which is what Compaq actually want you to do. This is the easy way.

Method #3:
If method #2 doesn't work, press the thumbholes and try to shift the cover frontward. The actual shift may be less than a mm, but this is enough for the ears to remain in the 'open' position. Then, with one hand / your fingers / your nails slide the upper rear side of the cover frontward, whilst with another hand, pushing the lower part of the PC (the grey band with 'Deskpro EN' on it) backward. The cover will now slide frontward.

PS 1:
The 'sliding-over-a-bump'-movement in method #2 explains why M_M's method did not work. By pressing the thumbholes, you are locking the cover!
PS 2:
If you study the inner side of the cover you will not see any thing that may retain the cover when it is locked. It is interesting to see how the Compaq designers arranged it.

Happy unlocking!

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worked like a charm

thanks for your help everyone. just got this from the free section on craigslist and finally got it open.

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