and successfully treated cancer there is. Just have a colonoscopy every two years and you're probably safe, they'll catch any changes in time and many of the procedures can be done endoscopically rather than using surgery. If you catch the cancer at stage A it is 99.6% successfully treatable, at stage B it is still around 90% successful, it is only when you get to stage C that your chances really start to plummet. These stages indicate how deeply the cancer has penetrated the tissue of the bowel and at stage C involves other structures and lymph nodes in the abdomen. The only downside for me is the taste of the bowel prep and there are other forms and flavours of that. The curious thing with insurance companies and managed health care companies is that colonoscopies are relatively cheap and very cost effective and the companies are still dragging their feet over authorizing them.

Even my father's colon cancer which was stage C and involved a mass the size of a grapefruit was successfully resected, but his old smoker's lungs couldn't handle the surgery, and he had a heart attack just before he was to be discharged home.

Women tend to have more discomfort with colonoscopies than men, but it's over quickly i.e. 20 minutes or less.