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Why would Putin/Russia want the Don to be prez instead of Hillary?

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They didn't

They didn't care which one got in (although they believed they would have an easier time getting what they wanted from HILL....look at her financial history with them as SoS). Their main goal, that worked, was to give misinformation and have public discord during an election.

Now tell me why would BO actively and financially as President work against Bibi's election in Israel? And physically and publicly snub him when he spoke in the well of the House (and be boycotted by many Dems during that speech) when he spoke out against the crap Iran deal?

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There was no discord on my end but perhaps that's because I'm not part of the twitter crowd.

I did not much care for Hill but I recognized the Don for what he was.....a bad pick.

So far he has not changed my mind.

Misinformation is something the Don is very good at......perpetual liar.

BO is not the prez... I'm interested in who is driving the bus today.

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You give the same pat answer

and it just doesn't work anymore, Bob.....

You totally criticize a current President for 'Russian collusion' to sway an election even after a complete exoneration of that charge because you don't like him but refuse to acknowledge ACTUAL and PUBLIC interference in another country's election in order to sway THAT election to get a result that a 2-year out president of the USA wanted.

You're a hypocrite....for excusing one that actually DID the act and damning the other who DIDN'T.

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You give the same pat CARP

BO/BO/BO/BO........put your grudge list away and focus on today.
BO was not lily white......we know that....your constant crying about it goes nowhere.

Stop making up stuff.
I have not accused/criticized the Don about collusion.

True I don't like the guy.

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I'm not talking about five Presidents ago....I'm going to keep reminding you of the crap that BO did that doesn't seem to bother you at all every time you try to criticize Trump for something when BO did much worse.

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You can keep crying about the past

If it makes you happy.

I won't try to defend BO.

If it's pointed out that the Don is doing something wrong your pat answer is BO did it worse.
That does not make what the Don is doing right.

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You keep saying Trump is doing

wrong, but you still haven't pointed out which of his actual policies ARE wrong, in your opinion. You revert to insults and name calling (towards him ('the Don', 'the mobster', 'the child', etc) without giving specifics of what policies of his you don't like.

Did you approve of BO's weaponizing his administration to target conservatives (the IRS) and SPYING on journalists (AP and James Rosen and his family ) and attempt a coup to bring down a duly elected President? Will you be critical of those people when they are brought to trial, because eventually it's going to happen and you know it? If BO spied on citizens before, what makes you think he didn't allow it to happen again without cause against a Presidential candidate in order to effect an election?

You don't have to like Trump....but even a liberal has to worry about a President and his administration having/believing they are untouchable and can do as they damn well please against US citizens when the environment/culture around them gives them carte blanche....and you know I'm talking about 8 years of BO's dictatorship in office.

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RE:revert to insults and name calling
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I don't think I have said

Much of anything about the Don's policies.

It's his attitude and what he says or does.

I am the Don.... rules and laws don't apply to me.

Here's what I think about the Don.
Fat head
Thin skin
Perpetual liar
Draft dodger

That will cover most of the bases.

Btw....Don refers to the mafia not Donald.

I see you managed to get in what you really want to talk about.....BO.

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So, his policies are good

but the man is not.....doesn't good policies for the country mean more than his personality if those policies are actually working?

Back to BO....which of the four 'qualities' you listed for Trump that you hate, actually are ones that BO has? Fat head (everything he says includes the word "I" more than any other noun), thin skin (doesn't deal with criticism of his policies very well), perpetual liar (every time his lips moved regarding his policies), and draft dodger (do you honestly believe that someone as privileged as BO WOULDN'T have avoided the draft as well.....although Trump at least went to a military school for years, which is even more than Clinton did). You can add one more 'quality' to BO's list that fed into his massive ego.....celebrity status....he ONLY hung out with others who had name recognition on stage and in sports because it fed his 'coolness', or on the streets and known for their divisive radical behavior because it equaled his own agenda to divide the country.

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RE:So, his policies are good

I didn't get that take from Bob's post.

I did see that he thinks DJT is a perpetual liar.....

so I;m wondering how anyone would think a "LIAR" has good policies.....

I know how YOU hate "LIARS" and don't believe a word they/she say/says.

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Bob responded that your

'take on his post' is wrong......and my assessment was correct.

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RE: my assessment was correct.

And YOU believe Bob will vote for DJT?

What IF he lies about HIS policies?

Mexico paying for the wall comes to mind.

DJT has good policies but I won't vote for him?

DJT is LIAR and I will vote for him?

If HE lies to "them" what's to stop HIM from lying to YOU?

PS. Tell;em what they want to hear, and do what you want comes to mind.

IF I wanted to get elected, that would be my motto

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From what I know about them I don't have a problem.

He might have a problem getting stuff through congress with his obnoxious personality.

I see you want to talk about BO again.
Sorry I'm not going to play your game.
You have not figured it out yet that carping about some past prez or his admin is getting you nowhere.

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Actually it IS getting me somewhere

and it's not just's finally winding its way through various investigations and eventually the liberal media will be forced to report on it, even if it's to spin it every which way but loose.

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Then let the investigation play out

If there is something....fine......if there is nothing......fine.

No need to keep carping about BO in almost every post you send.

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Did you hear the one about Warren Harding doing

his secretary in a WH closet?

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THERE you GO again!

MAKING your FISHY comments!

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that's because you are retired

so seemingly not concerned or glad about increase in employment.

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PLEASE connect THOSE dots
you are retired so seemingly not concerned or glad about increase in employment

Retired people in general aren't concerned about numbers of unemployed people?

OR is the main word in your "claim"...."seemingly"?

Are YOU retired?

Throw something out there and see if it sticks?
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Actually, all three of

these members were nowhere to be found during BO's 8 crap years as far as being unhappy with anything HE did was concerned. I DO recall plenty of criticism against GWB though from at least one of them on a regular basis, so it stands to reason that liberals with no common sense love radical lefties in charge and hate anything Republican/Conservative.....and are even more vocal about it because Trump isn't their cup of tea and has shaken them to the point that they can hardly inhale properly. They haven't been able to figure out that Trump knows how to work with BOTH parties if they could just get over the fact that HILL LOST to him. They claim it's 'my way or the highway' with Trump, but if you look at his business history, he's had to work with DEM AND REPUBLICAN politicians his whole life in order to succeed. But Dems REFUSE to work with Republicans at all anymore.....we need Blue Dog Dems back and get rid of idiots and egomaniacs like Romney in order to get back to work in Congress.

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RE:Trump knows how to work with BOTH parties

AND that's the reason HE waited until the Dems took control of the House of Representatives, HE wanted to show what HE could accomplish.

How's that working out for him?

HE could do anything HE wanted when HE had "control" of both HE waited....Just to show what HE could do.

Smooth move?

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

RE: but if you look at his business history,

Perhaps IF HE showed HIS tax returns everyone would change their opinion Devil

Post was last edited on April 24, 2019 12:51 PM PDT

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Good grief

there were some in is own party who turned out to be never Trumpers (McCain and Ryan come to mind) who went out of their way to say publicly how they were happy to further his agenda and then deliberately screwed him over in a vote that they had voted for numerous times beforehand. He didn't have enough votes in the Senate to pass many of the bills that Ryan's House actually DID pass. Establishment types didn't want their status quo to change and he was promising to change it. But as a businessman, Trump WAS able to get both parties to realize financial success with their cities by working wit him.

As for is taxes.....IF there was ANYTHING untoward, doncha think the IRS would have found it by now? He's in constant audit for years already. When are you going to figure it out that he doesn't give a damn what you or anybody else's opinion is regarding his wealth?

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Trump couldn't have planned it better

No everyone gets to plainly see toward 2020 just how horrible the Democrats actually are, which may have been less obvious. So, hoping for that landslide victory with many supporting Republicans taking over Congress overwhelmingly.

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Not sure

Where election discord and today's employment rate tie together but if it works for you fine.

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If Bill is clever, then he uses retired as a euphemism for

'Too lazy to work'. Happy

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