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Coaxial to rca cable NOT rca to coaxial

I'm trying to find an adapter to convert from a coaxial input to an RCA input. I have a Panasonic Plasma with only one Coaxial input, but I need to connect a cable box with Coaxial and an outside antenna with Coaxial.

the set doesn't over the option of CABLE/ANTENNA mode. So I can't use an A/B switch or each time I do I will have to reprogram the channels, which takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Any suggestions?

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Reporting: Coaxial to rca cable NOT rca to coaxial
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(NT) (NT) Radio Shack?
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cable box and antenna combiner

Assuming that the cable box puts a signal out to the tv via coax on channel #3 only, and the antenna covers channels VHF and UHF, which is coming down via a coax to the tv, the best solution for you would be is use a 2-way splitter used in reverse, as a combiner. You do not want to apply these signals to the RCA type jacks as it possibly could damage the electronics inside the set -it is not setup to handle that kind of signal anyways and will not work!

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rg6 in to rca out

I have the same issue.
I want to find a demodulator that converts the signal from an rg6 cable to an rca (yellow, red, white) cable.
Anyone has any ideas?

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Another TV without RG6 (coax) input

I think my problem may be similiar to yours. I have a Dish dual receiver, with the box/TV1 in one room and the remote TV2 (connected only with coax) in another room. Much to my surprise, the new LCD HDTV I just bought to replace the dead TV2 (regular-not HD) doesn't have rg6 input! Hours of on the
phone produced no helpful info, except that this particular series of TV didn't have a tuner, inspite of clearly being advertised as an "LCD HDTV - No Tuner Needed"! But I just stumbled across which advertises a "Coax Cable TV to RCA Video Audio Demodulator" for $80. So, I'm going to give this a shot, and thought this info might be helpful to you as well.

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Panasonic Output Only Monitor

I believe my situation is identical to yours. I just signed up for an HD receiver/DVR dual tuner. TV1 is the HD, of course, and TV2 is the non-HD set. In order to get picture for TV2, the actual tv set has to be in channel 73. Unfortunately, the tv does not have a tuner. The only options are line1, line2, Component1, etc...all of which are simply outputs.

I already tried hooking up line2 (tv2) on a vcr with tuner then to the tv set, but no dice.

Please advise if this demodulator advertised at really works.

Thank you much.

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RG6 to RCA Demodulator

Yep, it works! My problem was exacerbated by TV2 location: in dressing room's corner niche(don't want to miss Matt Lauer in the am),about 7ft high!
But be aware:
1)to first program the device, you have to connect it to a pc monitor and your coax cable. No alternative-believe me. This meant I had to lug 30" monitor up/down flight of stairs to get the two close enough!
2)there's only one audio output,& I don't know it's name(manual never identifies) but it's the tiny kind my wireless head phones use (sorry, I'm only a girl). So I used the adapter from headphones to connect 2rca audio, & Voila! Everything worked! TV2 sound quality is a bit "tinny",but after wrestling (literally) on a ladder for days with all the tvs/wires/connectors,I figured it was good enough! Besides, with all the tinkering I did with 3 different devices, probably rechecking each device's setting might improve this.
Hope this helps - I've had to teach myself all this pc stuff from scratch (I'm a boomer), don't want to put out any info that might cause someone else any grief!
The really ironic part about all of this is, after 3weeks+ researching for just the right tv, then researching for what to do regarding no coax input, then struggling physically swapping out tvs & rewiring them while perched on a ladder - AFTER ALL THAT - I had failed to consider one thing - viewing angle. Old TV was SD, so this wasn't an issue. But while seated at dressing table looking upward, HD is indiscernible! Ah, sweet technology! I suppose a articulating wall mount is next.
You know,I just hadn't pictured my golden years like this~

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converting coaxial cable house antenna to audio video

findind a place to buy converter box to convert coaxial to audio video

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Hi, My problem is similar - I think

I just bought a new vcr / dvd combo that has no coax inputs from the cable line. It says connect the line to a settop box (we don't have one - we go directly from cable to vcr) and then the settop box to composite inputs on the vcr.

What do I need to run my cable directly into this vcr.
We didn't see but on <phillips> that still has the cable input and output directly to the tv.

My new email is: - I didn't see where on cnet I can change my email address.

John Hansen

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I'm with ya

I was about to buy a 50" Panasonic plasma tv, but due to the one coaxial input I wasn't able to do what you want to do. I really want the TV, but will not waste my time having to reprogram it everytime. Will using a splitter in reverse really work? Let me know if it does.


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Panasonic plasma coax input

Anything ever come of this? I have the exact same issue. I just have standard cable that comes from the wall directly into the tv, but I want hi-def channels thru a powered antenna. Did the y-splitter work?

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possible solution for 2 input sources

Hi guys,
Another possible solution is for the two different inputs on coax is put 1 of them straight into the tv via the coax connector, the other coax cable would go thru a VCR. Most VCR's are usually equipped with RCA outputs (the better ones have both right (red) and a white (left) sound connectors), all have the Yellow (video) output. The cheaper ones have just the video and 1 output which with a combiner adapter cable will give a simulated stereo to the tv. At least that way the tv can be programmed for certain channels, you switch the tv's inputs via the remote control to the input source (the vcr) and use the vcr's remote to get the other channels, assuming you programmed the vcr correctly. Try it you might like it!

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