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Cnet should be ashamed for advertising Xtra-PC

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Hi Dig. I think this is just a ready made Linux distro on a stick ready made.
Cnet has to make money, but I don't think Lee is in charge of the adverts on Cnet. How many times have we advised members to make one?

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Whomever is in charge makes no difference

this is still a ripoff . Charging $60+ for something free and open source .
Even osdisc  shut down because they couldn't make $5 a disc as everyone was downloading and burning their own copies.
No offense Lee but promoting this is just a ripoff...

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not 60+

I think itsdigger is scamming us by posting a link in order to get clicks Happy

I see nothing about cnet in the ad and it shows the price being 35 bucks not 60. However, I do not see it as a scam. It it is no different than someone paying for photoshop when gimp is free or using paid antiviruses when there are free ones or getting microsoft office when libra is free and more. It is a handy little tool for those who do not want to take the time and figure out how to create a bootable usb drive using a linux distro.

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Me ? Posting to get clicks ? Get Real !

As far as I'm concerned , Cnet or any other site can delete every post I have ever made .
You are falsely advertising this as being a cure all , and trying to get folks to purchase free and open source material .
Ok , I was mistaken as even the bigger scam Xtra-PC Pro is $66.99 .
Ps. Stick your click bait ....

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Re: advertising

The advertiser advertises, not the publisher. The publisher publishes.

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osdisc is gone?! Makes me sad to see it.

Of course they have to decide what does and doesn't work for them. They had one of the best linux disc supply sites on the internet. Especially missed will be those multiple disc "repository" packages one could order near the EOL for a distro. Great for archival purposes. I'm surprised they didn't do a better business with the USB flashdrives already loaded and with "persistence" set up on them too. The markup on the flashdrives was so little considering them running from the drive like a full, but highly compressed OS. Sad day to see that indeed. Well, for historical purpose, here's their goodbye notice. Has Closed
Hi Everyone,

After over 16 years, has closed. If you've ordered from us, help is still available by emailing

I started OSDisc to spread Linux and help new users get started. But providing DVDs today has little effect on the spread of Linux. I regularly see small distros that provide tens of thousands of downloads, but few if any DVDs are provided by OSDisc. The vast majority of Linux users are downloading Linux themselves. And that's a great thing to see.

What we've accomplished:

Shipped over 300,000 discs and USB drives
Helped over 110,000 users get started with Linux
Answered over 25,000 tech support tickets
Given back over $200,000 to the open source community

Thank you to everyone for making OSDisc possible for the past 16 years.

Ramsey Brenner Founder

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Where are we promoting this, Dig?

Let me know.

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Maybe I said it wrong

and it was an advertisement so, I apologise for that Lee but , I still have a very low opinion of this product and still think this is a rip off..
Can't change that bro...

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All good, Dig.

Thank you for the apology.

I do understand your low opinion of the product, rightly so, since these people are packing up something that is free and selling it. IMHO, illegal/scam? maybe, but clever -- I would call it a convenience service fee and doing a good job at knowing how to market something that is essentially free to the public and available to anyone if they know where to look for it, download and install it.

To me this product is no different those find a person / people search sites that gathers up all public record data of people and sell it to you for a small fee if you want to see what they have on someone. Basically you are paying for the leg work they are doing for you without you having track everything down online yourself or having to go the public record office.)

As for the ad, you know I don't know about majority of the ads that run on CNET, right? We have a whole team who overlooks them and probably have thousands of ad campaigns running every where on our site.

In the future if you or anyone see an ad that is questionable, too racy, possible a scam, triggers your antivirus or what have you, you can always flag it to me and I will be more than happy to forward it to the ad team to have them look into it. Does that sound fair?

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Sounds fair.
I quit smoking several days before I made this post so I was prolly in a really bad mood . Been smoking 64 years ,
( since the day I was born ) time to quit. Still VERY CRABBY but, getting over it.

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I feel you, Dig.

I know exactly how you feel, been there -- smoked for a long time as well and now vaping and trying to get off of that bad habit now. Good for you, Dig. We are all rooting for you! Hang in there.

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I don't see any reference to CNET in .
It is in your link, but if I make that I can accuse Donald Trump of trying to profit from them.

Where did you see CNET editors recommending this product? If it was only an ad, realise that a lot of ads are placed are fully automatic without any human seeing them. There are real-time auctions where the site offers a place to advertise when the page is composed for publishing, the advertiser buys it and you see it. Another user can see another ad.

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How low can I go? CNET a scam?

Serious, Dig? I don't even know who this company is, let alone where this ad is displayed on our site. If it's an ad, sure call it out and explain why you have issue with them. I will make sure to have someone look into it.

However, to call me out and CNET for that ad and calling us as profiting from a scam ad because you have a problem with that company before giving us even a fair chance to look into it, is punch below the belt and is completely uncalled for. I'm honest and fair with everyone here in this community from the day I started. I expected a better level of respect from you Dig and I'm really disappointed.

We have thousands of advertisers and ad inventory, sure some crappy one slip through. We also have dozens of departments and a couple thousand employees just at CBS Interactive alone. I do not see everything that happens on CNET or any of our sites, only fraction -- if that.

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