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Since our website is a free service for both software publishers and site users, we do depend heavily upon advertising revenue in order to sustain our business.

One of the more frequent complaints we receive is that some advertisements make it difficult to locate the actual download link for the file on Download.com. As we evolve and revise our guidelines for advertisers and work on tweaking our page designs, this issue will certainly be taken into consideration.

The following page is a good general resource for information about advertising on our sites:


When you are on a product page, the "Download Now" button you want will always be large, green, branded with the white "shuttlecock" icon (like the one in the logo at the top of Download.com), and will be located directly underneath the bold-text name of the software you searched for or clicked on.

Many software titles on our site do use the Download.com Installer, which securely delivers software from Download.com's servers to your computer. During this process, the Download.com Installer also shows offers for additional, free applications provided by our partners. Some individual software publishers include such offers in their own installers too.

All offers, whether included in the Download.com Installer or in individual publishers' installers, must conform with our security policies prohibiting malware, and must also provide a working method to decline or opt-out of them during the download. You are never required to accept any offers in order to complete a download, but you will want to keep a close eye out to be sure you see and have a chance to select the decline or opt-out option for any third party offers you do not want.

Although you cannot avoid using a software publisher's own installer when downloading their program, if you prefer not to use the Download.com Installer, you can simply click the Direct Download Link that is provided on all Installer Enabled product pages.

Read more about that option here:


For more detailed information on the Download.com Installer, please visit the following resource:


Should you need any further assistance, please contact our support team directly by filling out the form on the following page:


You can access the support contact form, and our FAQ section, by clicking the "Download Help Center" link at the very bottom of any Download.com web page (in the "More" column there). From any FAQ page, just click the "Submit a Question" link in the upper right corner to go to the contact form.

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