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Cluster and brake problems

So I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee lerando, so far I have replaced every fuse, my Gage's don't work my break lights don't work, my back breaks won't bleed, sometimes I lose full control on breaking when I'm crawling, but first let's start off with the Gage's, I can't see my speed or gas or temp, I've been trying and researching on everything about this jeep problem, I've replaced every fuse and still nothing I have been trying to find answer's but no luck, if anyone could help me with this jeep curse that would be awesome. But now for the breaks, I tried bleeding my breaks and so far got the 2 front wheels to bleed, but for some reason my back breaks (not drum breaks) but disc breaks in the back will not bleed old brake fluid, I've tried everything if anyone has idea's that would be amazing. Thanks.

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Reporting: Cluster and brake problems
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Instrument/brake problems

Hi, Jeepstoner; Chrysler products have had issues with the circuit board on the back of the instrument clusters. A solder joint will break and has to be resoldered We've been successful with several. For the ones that we can't repair, we ship the cluster to a speedometer shop. Tacoma Speedometer, Tacoma, WA. If there's a speedometer repair in your area, give them a call.
As far as the rear brakes not bleeding: Do the rear brakes work? When you apply the brakes, does the brake pedal feel 'normal'? I'm thinking of a hydraulic issue. Check the single flex hose near the rear axle. (The flexible brake hoses can deteriorate internally and only allow flow one way. You can't see this, so after checking everything else, my next step would be to remove and inspect the hose.) There is a brass 3 port block that it attaches to before splitting off to each wheel. You can loosen that fitting to see if you are getting fluid to that point. Watch for pinched brake lines all the way forward to the master cylinder. If work was done recently to the brake system, the proportioning valve may have tripped, blocking fluid to the rear brakes. Most of the time, it can be re-centered but takes someone with experience to do so.
While having a helper apply a little pressure on the brake pedal, loosen the brake line at the master cylinder that feeds the rear brakes to see if the master cylinder is doing it's job. You can do the same at the proportioning valve at the inlet and outlet to see if fluid is passing thru it.
As you know, brakes are the MOST important part of a vehicle. Doesn't matter how good or bad the car is, ya gotta be able to stop. Brakes would be my first priority. Don't let ego stopping you from asking for help.
Good luck.

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I'm sure our expert will chime in here but till then.

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