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Clicking noise after powering off sony kdl-40v3000 lcd hdtv

Help! I have a new Sony kdl-40v3000 and would like to know if it is normal for it to make clicking/crackling noises after powering off? It lasts for about one to two minutes. I had returned my the first one I purchased after ten days, but now this one is doing the same thing. It only makes the noise when it is powered off and it lasts for about one to two minutes. I hope someone has answers for me. Thanks. Marina

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Reporting: Clicking noise after powering off sony kdl-40v3000 lcd hdtv
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Clicking noise after powering down Sony 40" LCD

I have the same set (the Costco kdl-40vl130 version) and it does the same thing. The owners manual does make mention of this noise on page 5 or so. This is actually my third sample of this model. I returned the second set because I thought the popping was a sample defect. The first one was returned due to intermittent sound. That issue, however, appears to have been cable-related. The strange thing was that those times I turned on the Sony and it was silent, switching inputs did not bring the sound back. After the sound began breaking up with the third and current set, I had the cable guy came out. He moved the Sony off of a cable amplifer, saying that signal output was too high. Sounds fishy to me but I haven't lost sound since he did that. I don't recall the clicking and popping noises with that first sample but it could be that I wasn't paying attention. It was a while ago. I have occasionally noticed the noise for a minute or two after powering up, as well. It appears to be metal and plastic heating up and cooling down. It does not appear to be a sign of impending failure and I have seen postings about this type of noise with other brands in

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Clicking noise after powering down and/or no sound

I have the same thing on my 37M3000, both the clicking and the intermittent dead sound from the tv speakers. I am calling in a tech for the intermittent sound/speakers cutting out and staying that way. I have it connected to a digital cable box. When the sound cut out completely, I connected my stereo to the audio out of the cable box and the sound worked

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I know what it is

I had the same problem...exactly the same problem, drove me crazy. It is the surge protector - just plug it in the wall and it won't do it anymore. I was told to use a UPS or a uninterupted power source that they sell at costco.

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I have the KDL-46v3000 and have no popping sound

I would assume the internal components are more or less the same.

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crackling and popping noises on HDTV when turned off

I had the same probem - very frustrating - it is the surge protector
Plug it into the wall and it doesn't really do it anymore (just a couple times). I ordered a UPS from UPS for so it has some sort of protection and it has an uninterupted power source.

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I got it too - I'm thinking power supply - Try This!!

I get the crackling noises too after powering off my TV for ~2 min. None of my friends have HDTVs that do this. I noticed after powering the TV On (and placing it on mute) I also hear a few cracks and pops, but it's not as pronounced as when I power it off.

Anyway, I tried something and I think I pin-pointed it to the power supply (or the TV at least). If I turn the TV off, and then unplug the AC power cord from the wall, the crackling and popping is gone! That would indicate that it's not a thermal expansion / contraction issue. It points to the TV and, from what I've read, more specifically, the power supply.

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My new Sony TV 40" LCD XBR9 clicking sound when turned off.

I Bought a new 40" Sony LCD XBR9 from AMAZON and makes intermittant clicking sounds even the next day after being turned off all night. It sounds exactly like the TV is trying to turn itself on or off (10 sec delay) when you actually hit the on button to start watching. My previous LCD did not do this, and nothing is different as far UPS/service/auxillary components.

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Mine is a Phillips and it does exactly what you are describing. It only makes this noise while turned off. I think it's pretty strange and aggravating as well. I've learned to just leave it on in source mode sine it's in my bedroom and it was keeping me awake at night.

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Sony Bravia KDL40Z4100 Clicking Noise

It appears this problem has been around for years ( judging by the dates on some of these posts and other sites as well ). My KDL40Z4100 makes clicking noises randomly. The most I have had the TV off for is 4 days straight, and still the noise persists. The clicks are random - sometimes minutes apart, sometimes hours apart. I am having Sony come out...again... to look at it. Already, they have changed the power supply and various other components in the TV. It does not matter whether the TV is plugged into the wall, a basic surge protector or a $155 surge protector... clicking persists....
- should anyone have any epiphanies ( aside from unplugging my TV from the wall every time i turn it off ) i would very much welcome your input.

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Clicking/Popping noise in my new Sony Bravia TV KDLEX700

Did anyone find a solution for this problem? I bought a sony TV recently. I hear the same irritating clicking/popping noise. I called the Sony service guy. He replaced the TV power supply unit. It still makes that noise. Please let me know if there is any solution for this.

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Clicking/Popping noise in my new Sony Bravia TV KDL-46EX700


Did you get your Sony technician on this clicking sound ?

I'm having the same problem with my Sony Bravia KDL-46EX700 which was purchase in 2010 July. The clicking sound will be there as long the TV is on.

Sony Singapore is waiting for reply from the company for the cause of the clicking sound.

I'm not very sure whether this problem applies to all LED Tv's ?


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Mechanical causes?

I noticed this on one set and tracked it down to a simple mechanical issue. As things cooled down there were a few plastic parts that would emit a click noise as they slipped due to the contraction. There was no electronics involved and the big test was the next day as we pulled the power and it still made the clicking noises.

My bet is this will fade with time.

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You think this is the case even after the tv stays turned off for several days? I went out of town for several days and started unpacking once I got home and the tv was still clicking after being turned off my entire vacation.

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That's why I did the test.

I had to unplug it to look at this a bit deeper. Turning gear off is no longer a simple on/off switch so let's make it simple. Did you pull the plug?

No, I don't think this is the cause for everyone. Just sharing ONE of many incidents and what it was for that one. This is to SHARE what I've run into so you can decide. The removal of power is vital to figuring this out.

And YES it can go on for days. But then again conditions would have to be just so and would be RARE. Again, pull the PLUG.

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Clicking noise on Sony LED TV .


I just bought a Sony Bravia KDL-46EX700 LED TV in July . My Bravia do have a same clicking problem whenever the tv is on or of and it will last as long the tv is on .

I'm checking this issue with SONY Singapore and they are waiting for reply from factory.

I'm not sure whether this is manufacturing or hardware problem...

I thought Sony brands are one of the best in technology...But ???


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Clicking Noise on Sony LCD TV

Thanks all for your posts. I have a Sony 46" LCd and it was working great until I mounted it on the wall. Then it started clicking and I found out that when I moved the TV the power strip that I used was causing the TV to make the clicking noise.

I've changed it to plug into the wall outlet directly and the problem has gone away.


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A power

Strip is different then a surge protector, a power strip just adds more outlets without any surge protection, also sometimes they are not made the best, like yours, maybe the grounding was bad so your tv would make a clicking noise.

Get a surge protector or your asking for trouble in the future.

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Clicking/popping noise on Sony

It's not always the surge protector. My Sony is plugged directly into the wall socket. I have had this TV for at least 4 years and it never made this clicking sound. We went on vacation for 10 days. I turned off and unplugged the unit just in case there were storms. When I recently came home and plugged everything in again the clicking noise was there. I figured the unit was cold and the noise would eventually go away with continual use. The noise is still there. The noise isn't loud enough to bother me at all so I'm just ignoring it considering I've read all the posts and putting money into a technician did little to cure it. I've got a good picture and it doesn't look like anyone lost that from the noise so heck with it.

If somewhere along the line I figure it out, I'll post it here. Thanx for the comments so I won't bother sinking money into the problem.

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Popping sound went away

Just posted the above about popping noise after TV was unplugged for 10 days while on vacation. The popping went away today after being on continuously for about 3 hours.

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I've got the same issue. Had a Sony Tech come by and swap some parts. Same results. The tech relayed sony support told him this is "normal" during operation due to an aluminum backing. My ticket has been sent to customer relations and I'm supposed to get a call in the next couple of days to work out a deal. The one year warranty only covers parts and labor, so I'll be suprised if I get a different tv out of the deal. Keeping my fingers crossed...Dallas

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I just have my new Sony KDL-46HX820 hooked up for just a few days now. When the TV is off I'm hearing a clicking/crackling noise; it could be a few minutes or a few hours apart when it happens. It could be off all night and I still hear it the next day. I installed it in my office so I work many hours in there and keep hearing this noise from my new TV. It's currently hooked to a "Monster Game" surge protector. After reading some of the post above, I've just unplugged it to see if the noise is still there...

Anything new out there (the last post was about 11 months ago)? Anyone else have the same problem with this 2011 model (HX820)? - Thanks

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If you can return the unit, do so IMMEDIATELY!

I have a LED (UN55B8500) and although dozens of units are covered under their Capacitor Settlement, this model is not covered and Samsung is doing NOTHING to help other than having me pay to correct their shoddy product! Horrible service!

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