From Windows, using the XP CD, check the
compatability of your system.

Back up or copy all the data and settings you want to keep.
Off the Hard Drive.

Boot from XP CD. Follow on screen instructions to
install XP by deleting existing partition and formating existing drive to NFTS. All data will be lost, do your back-ups first.

Boot with XP CD. Follow on screen instructions to create new partition for instalation of XP. (data backed up?) Min partition of 20Gigs. This will give you a two partition drive and dual boot. The dual boot can be eliminated at a later time.

All my drives contain two Partitions. One partition for the O/S and applications, the other for data.
This allows re-install of O/S and applications with out the need to restore data back ups.(Saves about 3 hrs on a 7 hr job)


Comments and clarification will be appreciated.