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class action law suit against Wirefly

Nov 24, 2005 2:13AM PST

Let's file a class action law suit against Wirefly.

I bought my Verizon service thru Wirefly because they say to give me $200 back for the phone (E815 motorola) but the site to download the rebate form is always down, and they keep telling me it will be working soon... It has been over a month and my offer will expire in a few days!!!...
I called Verizon about two weeks ago, and they said that Wirefly is not a scam and that the site would probably be working soon... However, after I continued trying for 2 more weeks, I came to the conclusion the scam is between Verizon, and maybe even other cell-phones companies, and Wirefly. Wirefly and Verizon most likely are committing fraud which is a crime!!!
However, to give them the benefit of the doubt, I called Verizon again. The customer service i spoke to will not say this is a scam, but she didn't say it's not a scam neither!!!She did sound as if she felt sorry for all the idiots, like me, getting new contracts with Verizon who will not be able to get the $150 back never and will be stuck with them for 2 years! We have to do something. I think Wirefly and Verizon, and maybe other cell phone companies are deceiving people.
Most likely, this is a scam and cellphone companies are involved, at least Verizon is, and we should stop them.
We should come together and bring a law suit, if indeed this is a scam!

Most cellphone companies know what is going on, but they don't intervene...(they don't even give you a hint when they have the chance. Of course, cellphone companies want you as a new customer...they don't care if the rebate is a fraud!!! )
This can be a big case for the attorney or attorneys who want to take the case... If you have been a victim of fraud by Wirefly please email me at (this thread may be difficult to follow in this site as it does not follow a chronological order on some computers---so save my email before you go the next page) and we can all together put an end to the crime Wirefly is committing.

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Nov 25, 2005 10:22AM PST

If what you say is the case and you have been getting the run around, the best and most effective way to deal with ANY BUSINESS is to contact the BBB (on line) and it cost nothing to file a complaint. Filing on line, be sure to complete all information and don't forget to incl. your contact info, home/cell/work telephone numbers. (Very important). Don't worry. The BBB take complaints very seriously and they aim for a resolution.

Now, do this ASAP. After you file, expect to hear from the BBB by PHONE within a timely manner.


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The BBB does have a 'record' on them. Uh oh.
Nov 30, 2005 4:45PM PST

I found this thread when I was looking around for reviews on a phone I just bought (Motorola E815) using Wirefly/Inphonic.

So I looked up the company on the BBB website and here is what I found:

I really hope I don't run into some problems. I had enough with my old phone/carrier! Sad

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Dec 25, 2005 2:57AM PST

Well, I got my phone from Wirefly and it works wonderfully. Verizon service and Motorola E815 in downtown Portland, OR. No trouble porting my number or anything. The transaction went smoothly.

My only gripe is that they won't let you submit your rebate until after you have had service for 6 months. Lame. Other than that everything is great.

I'll post again (if I remember!) when I get the rebate.

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Tip on Wirefly rebates
Jan 25, 2006 7:05AM PST
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Rebote not yet received atfer 10 weeks
Jan 26, 2006 2:04AM PST

Please read this link from MSNBC about the wirefly rebate scam.

I bought blackberry 7100g from wirefly for cingular wireless service. I submitted rebte with all forms to them adn then received letter saying that 180 days still not yet passed.
Again talk to the rebate cetner guy and submitted the rebtate after getting next statement within 10 days with certified mail and we receive an email saying that the rebate was not submitted within this date.

Agai ntalked and said that they changed the status from rejected to processing and today I gave a follow up call and they said that we can not change the status.

I think there is a big scam going on from wirefly about rebates. I also use suggest to bring up this scam with major media outlet. I read on MSNBC under redtape about this rebate scam from wirefly. Here is the link.

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Oct 16, 2013 7:57AM PDT

Wirefly was ok the 1st time I went with them, than came the 2nd time they send me the wrong phone number called them they send me 2 phones I can it fixed with the help of sprint but neither one of the company's would remover the incorrect phone. Sprint said I had to talk with wirefly, well they wanted to sell me more stuff, and yes they could take care of it everything Nothing happen each call got worse, finally wrote company headquarters, nothing. I have paid 2 years for something I never got and a service I never use.

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Thread closed
Oct 16, 2013 8:37AM PDT

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