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Well, I don't give a hoot how these news organizations

present the plan. Too many will do little more than focus on the negative possibilities than give any credit for trying to fix a decades old problem. I see nothing wrong with a plan that shows folks the proper way to gain legal citizenship status. The problem with illegal entry is altogether a different one and will need another approach. Both ends have been neglected. I'm sure we'll continue to give shelter to those who are legitimately escaping persecution and who are not, themselves, criminals trying to escape prosecution. You don't like Trump and you show lots of praise for politicians who resist him...many of whom don't like what his plans are even before they're made. This has gotten to be way too tired and, IMO, not at all constructive. You don't like Trumps ideas???. Write and tell him what you'd do differently rather than grumble about it here.

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RE:Write and tell him what you'd do differently rather than
Write and tell him what you'd do differently rather than grumble about it here.

rather than?

Could a person do both without mentioning it here?
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Still stalking and sniping

Such a useless hobby.

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My comment was about the civics test

You went off into some rant about opposing the Don.

Praise for pols that resist him....can you show me that?

I'll write to the Don at the ballot box.

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As they say in Chicago,

vote early and often.

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I plan on voting 5/6 times and sending them all to the Don first class and special delivery.

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Civics test is nothing new

Trump didn't invent it. It's long been in place for those desiring US citizenship. So maybe the reason you made the OP had nothing to do with opposition to Trump. I'll allow for that possibility. Maybe your only problem is with the civics exam which, if I understand correctly, consists of 10 questions and requires a score of 60%. If this is it, I don't see anything about JFK. My apology if I jumped the gun thinking this to be just another one of your frequent grumbles against the president.

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RE:don't like what his plans are even before they're made

Why wait?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?

Click me

7 questions about Trump’s use of undocumented workers at his golf courses

President Trump has built much of his presidency — and his 2020 reelection campaign — around a simple message: Illegal immigration is a national crisis.

Trump says that undocumented immigrants threaten national security, and they also hurt American workers by taking jobs and lowering overall wages.

Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate,” Trump said in his State of the Union address this year. “It is cruel.”

But, as The Washington Post has detailed this year, Trump’s company has relied in private on workers without legal immigration status even as Trump denounced such immigrants in public.

For years, and into Trump’s presidency, the president’s golf clubs employed undocumented workers as waiters, groundskeepers and housekeepers, according to the accounts of more than 35 former workers and supervisors who spoke to The Post. In doing so, Trump reaped the financial benefits of using undocumented employees — an ability to pay his employees lower wages and fewer benefits — while reaping the political benefits of attacking it.

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Depends on whether that company
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If a company needs that knowledge

They will specify it.

Don't make it mandatory to know just because some pol wants it.

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RE: ignorance of them doesn't make you innocent
ignorance of them doesn't make you innocent of breaking them.

That's when you use Executive Privilege.

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BO would know about that

more than anybody else, JP. He was also the expert at using EO's to break the laws that even HE said repeatedly and publicly that he couldn't do it (DACA and DAPA....the second one was struck down by SCOTUS when were a number of his EO's often by a 9-0 vote).

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RE:more than anybody else,

So YOU think Trump is just doing what Obama did?

And you didn't agree with you voted for Trump?

Do you think you wasted your vote?

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Do your homework, JP

before you speak....Trump's record of EO's has been to systematically UNDO BO's EOs and EVERY President has that ability. Trump has very few EO's that are new to his administration and IF a new President in 2024 decides he/she doesn't agree with or like them, THAT President can undo them as well. And Trump's EO's are LEGAL whereas a good many of BO's WEREN'T and were struck down by SCOTUS when challenged.

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The Los Alamos physicist Philip Morrison said that,

when they got the news that Fat Man had indeed blown up Hiroshima, only rwo of them 'had the decency to go into a corner and throw up.'
He quoted one of his colleagues, "Now we're all sons of b*****s."

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But by using it,

before Hitler finalized his ability to have one or more in his possession, millions more lives were saved than lost....even Japan has admitted to that.

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