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Cisco RNG200 DVR

Comcast delivered a Cisco RNG200 DVR this week. Since it's been hooked up we've had repeated picture/sound)interruption--"freezes" and stalls of about 20 seconds, then picture distortion of a few seconds, and then a gradual return to normal picture and sound. This sequence only happens on higher-number channels, which may mean something. Comcast claims they are not having problems with their digital signal, although we are in the Houston area in the wake of Hurricane Ike and Comcast has certainly had ongoing various problems. Even so, nothing like this was happening before the RNG200 hook-up. Also, and of much greater concern--is that the RNG200 box, which is silver-toned metal heats up to an alarming temperature! It remains hot to the touch even when turned OFF. We have unplugged it every night out of concern. Comcast is scheduled to come and bring a replacement box and we are very curious as to whether it will also be an RNG200 and if so how will it perform? Maybe we just got a lemon. Has anyone else experienced good or bad performance from an RNG200?

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Reporting: Cisco RNG200 DVR
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Feel your pain

We have exactly the same problem with our RNG200 DVR. We also can't get the setup to work sio that we can expand the picture to fill up our big screen TV. We also can't get our universal remote to control the box. Talked with an independent technician today and they have request a fix for the universal remote problem but Cisco has not yet responded. The tech also stated that they worked with the RNG200 for about 3 hours and were unable to get reliable responses.

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I moved from NYC to Virginia, and this is the same box that Comcast gave me. Previously, in NY, I had a Scientific Atlanta DVR and didn't have any issues with it. But in just six weeks here, I am already on my second Cisco RNG200. When I returned the first one, I asked Comcast for a Scientific Altanta, but he said "It's an older model, you really want the CISCO because it's newer." (I should have stuck to my guns, but everyone deserves a second chance, right?)

The first unit exhibited exactly the same issues described in the first post, but primarily with playback. When playing back a recorded show, I'd get both audio/video distortion for several seconds, about every 30-60 seconds. It completely wrecked the show for me. If it happened at the beginning of the show recording, it continued in that pattern to the very end. This happened in approximately one out of three recordings, so I assumed it was a bad sector on the hard drive.

I took it back and swapped it. The "new" (identical) RNG200 that Comcast gave me started displaying the same exact symptoms just a few days after I got it. Yesterday I had to delete three back-to-back CSI: NY recordings (from Ch. 34, not a high-numbered channel). Today I'm watching two shows recorded Sunday on a hi-def network channel (ABC) last night, and the sound drops in and out. Again, this wrecks the show if you are missing one sentence of dialog out of every 10.

And, the unit gets EXTREMELY hot. I'm worried it is going to damage my DVD player beneath it.

I plan to take this one back to Comcast, too. This time I'll insist on a Scientific Atlanta.

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Pixilation and sound issue with the Cisco RNG200

I live in northern Virginia and have Comcast HD cable service. After using the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDC for over a year with no problems, I decided to ?upgrade? to the Cisco RNG200 for its DVR functionality. I tried four different RNG200 boxes and all four boxes had pixilation and sound problems on channels 204, 208, 218, 226, 232, 234, and 254. However, the other HD channels looked and sounded great.

Each RNG200 was connected to my Panasonic TH-50PZ77U HD Plasma TV via an HDMI cable (model 800hd by Monster Cable).

Three different technicians visited my house within a three week period to troubleshoot the problem. Each one checked my signal strength and it was nearly optimal every time. We tried all the ?Set: Picture Format? settings (Auto HDMI/DVI, Fixed, Upconvert-1, and Upconvert-2) and experienced the same pixilation problem on each setting. We also tried two different HDMI cables and the pixilation was present with both. When we removed the HDMI cable and tried Component cables, the pixilation disappeared.

After each visit and troubleshooting session, each technician said the same thing, ?It?s gotta be the box. Just go get a new one and that will solve your problem.? I wish it would have been that simple.

Based on what I?ve seen so far, it seems like the pixilation problem on the RNG200 has something to do with its HDMI port. Since these boxes are fairly new, I have yet to read about any solution to this problem. If you find yourself in the same predicament, good luck. Take comfort knowing that you?re not alone and don?t waste your time having Comcast technicians try to solve the problem for you. I think we?re going to have to rely on Cisco to step up and resolve this. Needless to say, I?ve gone back to my trusty 4250HDC until Comcast and/or Cisco get this straightened out.

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I am in Alexandria, VA, on Comcast too. I'm on the third Cisco box and am using a Monster HDMI cable as well. I've tried swapping HDMI cables. No help.

Thanks for your posting. I'm going to return this box to Comcast and ask for the 4250HDC model that you mention. I hope they still have some in stock.

If you find out anything down the road, I hope you post again. Thanks!

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Box doesnt work, return it, swap it...

Don't waste time with repairs & patchwork by servicemen cause they don't know much more than the users at this stage in the game... They aren't trained on errors since they're fairly new as they happen.

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Cisco RNG200 DVR

I think that problem with the RNG200 DVR is very common, maybe you should get warranty for yours.

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Need a fix

Unfortunately, you can't get a 'warranty' for this box. It's owned and provided by the cable company. I still have problems with my recordings - nearly all of them. Not just the higher number channels, either - it happens on most recordings. Very frustrating because the cable company (Comcast) seems oblivious to the problem and yet they keep distributing these boxes.

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Same problem in NJ

Seems like I'm not alone.

I had two HD DVRs in my place (a SA 8000HD and a SA 8300HD). The 8000HD lacked an HDMI port (just had a DVI) and so about a year ago I asked for a new box with HDMI (expecting to get another 8300HD).

Instead they gave me a Cisco RNG200 and for the most part it was ok, but it seemed to consistently cut out audio and pixelate the video on certain channels (NBC HD was especially problematic). I quick swapped the 8300HD into it's place to make sure it wasn't the cables or going through my Onkyo 806 receiver. It worked fine. So I swapped the box for another RNG200 hoping it was a one box problem. No dice. Swapped it back and insisted on an Explorer 8300HD and got it. So, for almost a year I was a dual 'owner' of 8300HDs and quite happy.

Then the bedroom setup started acting up (the first 8300HD I had). Not sure if it was the tv or the box, I went to comcast and swapped out the box (hoping to get another 8300HD), but they gave me a RNG200 as they said they didn't have any 8300HDs there...and that I could come back and get an 8300HD when they had some more.

Turns out the underlying problem was my tv on the fritz. I replaced it and then about a week later went back to get myself an 8300HD. Now they're telling me they're not getting anymore and they shipped them all down to VA. So, I have a technician coming tomorrow, to try and fix what can't be fixed, a crappy box.

I'm going to see if I can insist on them shipping me up a box from VA, as their 'alternative' offered in the local comcast store was to downgrade from an HD DVR to a regular HD box. I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable. If you don't have a functional HD DVR box, and continue to advertise the service, prepare for a class action lawsuit.

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my problem is "fixed"

Guy came today and swapped my crappy Cisco RNG200 for a SA Explorer 8300HD. He said that they still get some as techs. Just finished reprogramming my Harmony 900 and just have to reprogram my recorded shows. Well worth it to have a functioning box.

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We had the same problem and Comcast said it might have been overheating. We lifted it up a little and it helped some but the HD channels and DVR still have a problem sometimes.
Hope it helps.

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Cisco RNG200 Overheating

I had the same problems: pixilation, drop outs, etc., due to the box and all my other devices being inside a cabinet. I operate all the components through an IR Logitech controller system for all my devices. To solve the problem, I bought a laptop computer cooler (that is, a fan where the laptop sits on top of the fan housing and where the fans are powered by house current. This set up provides enough air to cool the box.

Hope this helps.


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is anyone else experiencing a problem with this box (cisco rng200)using comcast as a provider? the box records a programs in small pieces instead of one continual string. Also it drops the recording feature on a hit or miss schedule. ie you can set it up to record a specific program but when the tme arrives it may have decided to not record. any input appreciated.


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Yes, I have experienced the same problem. Actually the recording a program in small pieces and some of the problems listed above (the pixalation and sound freezing) are all related. What I found is that on certain HD channels the signal level (measured in decibels) is too low (double digit negative number). As different channels operate on different frequencies (mhz) the pixalation, sound freezing, and recording in pieces will seem to be random but really occurs when on a channel that low signal level (which can also vary by time of day).
Tune into a channel that this is occuring, hold down the PAUSE key on your remote for 10 seconds or more (the mail icon will blink on the front of the RNG unit) and then press the 'Page up key' (arrow). Go to page 7 or 8 and one of these pages will show your signal level for that channel and don't be surprised to find a double digit negative number. I upgraded my signal amplifier (where the Comcast line comes into my home) to a newer more powerful amplifier and while I still have some channels that have low signal level they no longer go into double digits. As a result, I don't have the pixalation, sound freeze, or pieced recordings any longer.

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RNG200 Record Time

I recently swapped my 8300 for what I thought would be a better DVR. I just recorded seven one hour shows on it and the disk space is half used up. I don't have the specs on the hard drive but I suspect it's much smaller. I too have noticed 'glitches' and am not happy with this unit.

I want my old 8300 unit back!

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Cisco rng200

I have had every HD box used by Comcast.Try not to use HDMI cables. They seem to carry a over load to the box and cause the box to tile and get the sound out of sink.The rca cables seem to do a better job.The comcast service man said not to use HDMI Cables.

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rgn200 dvr

here we go,at our old house it worked fine,then one day we got an error cccc.took the box back to comcast and got a new one.once again it ran fine.we moved it continued working fine.our tv blow up one day,after 5 years of faithful service.also recieved cccc message.ok back to comcast to exchange the box,we were not alone,other people had the same problems.any way we get home set it up,and it ran for a minute and shutoff.we restarted the box it soon shut off again.i have a service tech coming in the mean time i hooked up an older atlantic box no hd but it works.we were using hdmi cable on the rgn200.seems to me the box cant handle hdmi.

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Cisco RNG200 DVR

COMCAST is Lying thru their teeth. I have been working with my local Service Manager for over a year on this problem. It is bad, glitchy boxes. I have gone thru a dozen or more boxes with the same problem. They came up with a firmware/software upgrade a couple of months ago which knocked out 75% of the problem but the boxes are still glitchy. The problems are mostly during playback of recordings and consist of audio and video freezes, hangups, loosing sync, etc across the gamet. I have managed to get a little knocked off periodically, but they still are slowly raising their prices with this lousy service. I have since stopped my HD yet the problems persist. I think I am going to write to the FTC, BBB, and local news agencies. I am in the Northern Virginia area and am stuck with COMCAST for now. FIOS is on the way hopefully soon.

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Cisco RNG200 DVR


They also have a problem when viewing live shows. Once in a while you will get a blip while watching a show. By watching the errors in the configuration I could see no errors or corrected block errors for hours on end. This means that the blip is being processed as "data" and passed thru the system which then manifests itself as an error. I don't know if COMCAST is the problem or not on this one. Plus their shows are about 15 seconds slow on their clocks. Notice that you get a little of the last program and lose about 15 seconds on the beginning of the recording? Oh, have I told you lately how much I hate COMCAST???

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