I have a six month old Palm T/X and bought the 4 year protection plan to give me "Value, Protection, Convenience, Peace of Mind, Service Solutions, easy to use, and money-back guarantee" as stated on theirProtection plan brochure. Three weeks ago, the right channel on the mp3 player started acting up and I had to send it in. The other day, they sent it back and happily informed me it would not be fixed because of "abuse." This loose term basically covers all of their basis and will not fix or replace it. This is the first and last time I will shop at Circuit City. At least Best Buy honors their protection plans.

If for whatever sick reason you need to shop at this pathetic company, DO NOT GET SUCKERED INTO THEIR PROTECTION PLAN PITCH! My advice is to take that money and blow it on some lottery tickets - you'll get much greater satisfaction