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Chuck thinks removing Obama will cure everything

Chuck Norris: 1,000 Years Of Darkness If Obama Wins

He's got good eyes if he can see 1000 years into future. When he's not sure who will be elected President in 2 months. He pretends he knows but he really doesn't.

AND no matter who the next 4 or 5 Presidents are

How an aging population will kill the American Dream...

"The U.S. is actually in worse shape on the proper measure than Greece in terms of the fiscal position," he said at the NZZ Capital Market Forum, a controversial viewpoint for the European attendees who are used to dire forecasts being reserved for their continent.

An immediate and permanent tax hike of some 64 per cent would be required to close the gap, according to Mr. Kotlikoff. If ignored, the tally will become impossible for future generations to pay. One generations' dream may be the next one's nightmare.

64 % increase, that's quite a hike,
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Reporting: Chuck thinks removing Obama will cure everything
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Won't have to worry much

about an aging population living longer when you have Obamacare wiping out their long-term care because it's not cost effective.......they'll die off earlier from not getting treatment (hip replacement? If it gets denied, die of complications from being bed-ridden for a long time....can you say pneumonia?)

Oh case you didn't know....the National Debt reached $16T Tuesday during the DNC convention....and it was never mentioned once...surprise, surprise. Did you also know that our debt ALONE is more than ALL of the countries across the pond COMBINED? And look where THEY are financially. Is our current prez worried? Give me a big ol' HELL NO....he wants to INCREASE IT by 'investing' more here.

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Toni, surely even you....

.....can admit that the Norris "thousand years of darkness" video was a bit on the paranoid/survivalist/ridiculous side.

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Actors's a given

and I don't think anybody on either side took that exaggeration seriously.........

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(NT) Actors exaggerate...Even Clint?
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you didn't really think

.....someone was in that chair did you? ROFL!

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You are particularly jovial this afternoon

2 LOLs and a ROFL!

Welcome to MY world.

And we still have a couple hours before it's happy hour.

I'm happy for's nice change from gloom and doom.

someone was in that chair did you?

As I said before, when I woke up and saw Clint talking to the chair...I thought he was having a stroke, that's the first thing that popped into my head....

Then I thought he was talking to someone that wasn't there...and I was right.

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His wife is the one who says it

And she didn't sound like she was "just acting." They both sounded like they dove off the high board into the deep end of the paranoia pool.

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Personal opinion only

I'd be happier if no candidate attempted to enlist celebrity entertainers to speak in support of them. I'd be even happier if they would also graciously decline any such offers that were made.

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