I hope I've caught you before you made the wrong decision.

Do you really want a Dell ? (It's really a Lexmark with the Dell logo...) Dell doesn't "invent" anything... they just sell other mfg's products with their logo on it. You'll also never find a Dell ink cartridge in a store, so you're stuck buying ink from Dell directly.

The HP is a "fuller" function product that will deliver better results. And if you're going to be printing photos, HP has paper/ink combinations that will allow your photos to last up to over 70 years. But the model you've chosen (2410) is no where comparable in features to the Lexmark (in Dell logo) ... you'd better opt for the HP 6110 if you want an automatic document feeder. (same photo quality, but is missing the memory card slots and pre-view screen/montitor that the 2410 has)