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Change Retail XP key to OEM key

Im using a laptop with winXP. but the installation key is not Valid. I have the OEM key and I want to change it.

I tried the tool (KeyUpdateTool_enu.exe) to change key. but it gives an error.

Then I used the registry edit method, and it doesn't accept the OEM key.

Please help. Is it possible to change it without formatting ?

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Reporting: Change Retail XP key to OEM key
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I suspect the reason is the installation media used

In my experience, the XP disk type used for the installation needs to be a match for the key code range. Give more about how XP was installed and what sort of disk was used. For laptops, you really need the manufacturer's disks or those which can be produced from within the factory installation.

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Re: OEM keys

OEM keys are only licensed for the hardware they came with. So it's invalid on any other machine. As Steven says, use the original CD with the original key and you'll be fine. Or use a retail CD with the key it came with.


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I dont have the CD came with Laptop

Unfortunately I dont have hte CD which came with the Laptop. But I know the OME key.

So can I use any XP CD to reinstall XP and enter OEM key when it asks for it .. ?

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Keys are locked . . .

to the CD. If you purchase a valid copy of XP you must the key that comes with it.

Just curious, why are you so adamant about using an OEM key?

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Its a Pirated Copy

Its a Pirated Copy and I'm not getting any Windows updates. I don't want to get in to trouble...

since I have the OEM key I want to use it...

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That's not good news for these forums

We don't help with pirated versions of Windows or anything else, and such discussions are usually locked.

But before I lock this, tell us about that OEM key. You said,

"I dont have the CD which came with the Laptop. But I know the OEM key"

Where did you get this OEM key from? We have established that the XP already on the computer is pirated, and not an OEM install, so where did this OEM key come from?


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I dont want to use Pirated copy

You want me to post the OME XP key ?

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I want you to tell us where you got this OEM key from


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Want to remove Pirated Version

My laptop came with the OEM XP. Later somebody has formatted coz of a virus attack and installed windows with a pirated copy.

What I want is to get rid of the pirated copy and have the OME version.

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I got the OEM key from the place I purchased the laptop

There is a label with the OEM key.. under my Laptop

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metropolitan Sri Lanka
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Then use that with a maker supplied XP CD.

No other option. Time to order such a CD (or preferably: a full recovery CD) with them.

Buying a laptop without recovery media is like buying a car without a spare tyre. Risky. If you need it, you go to a shop and buy one. It's as easy as that.


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They didn't give a CD

They didnt give a CD. I have heard , that there is a Revovery partition on the Laptop.

What can i do with that .. ?

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Did you say it was an Acer?

Then you contact Acer with the model # and see if they can sell you the restore media. I've not had to do this but understand that the cost is rather reasonable. If the restore media is no longer available, you're only hope is to find a full legal retail copy of XP and start there. You still would need the necessary drivers from Acer which might be on their web site. I'm seeing some copies of XP still available but these are beginning to become more rare and sellers want a premium for them. I'd suggest that, if Acer can't supply the restore media, you consider saying goodbye to the laptop unless you know Linux.

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Re: recovery partition.

That's nice. Find the key-combo that lets you boot into it (with Dell, it's ctrl-F11, I don't know about Acer). Then do what it asks you to bring the laptop back to the state it had when it left the factory.

It might be somewhere on the support part of the Aces site. Acer customer support should know. And the company where you bought the laptop should know if they are the Acer representatives in your country. So I'm sure you'll find it.


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European spelling

Tire in the US = Tyre in Europe. Happy


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Yes, but other words aren't quite as similar

For instance, you spell hood as "bonnet" and trunk as "boot". Makes no sense. Happy

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Wouldn't it be tryesome

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in Europe, i thought
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Let me try to explain it.

The OEM license is for a special issue version of this OS. The retail version is a full feature version which uses another key to activate.

If you have an OEM key, you need the OEM version from that maker to use that OEM key and license.

Many don't want to know this and get lost or confused so don't feel too bad about this. But what you are asking will never happen. This is why you want the recovery media for this machine.

Or you will just use the OS of your choice.

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