In Lotus, go to File --> Preferences--> User Preferences, and choose the required size from the Display Options area. You may choose Small, Medium or Large.

Then click Default Fonts in the Basics tab. Here you can select the font style.

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To add large font settings to your NOTES.INI file
NOTES.INI is a configuration file, located in your Notes directory, that stores information about your personal Notes installation. If you need to use larger fonts at all times, close Notes, open your NOTES.INI file, and add the following setting as a new line anywhere in the file:


Here, n is the number of points added to the default size and is a number between 0 and 25. For example, if you want to increase the font size to 5, you would type:


Save your NOTES.INI file after you add the new font line, and then re-open Notes.

To enable keyboard navigation of the Bookmark bar
If you have "Show extended accelerators" enabled in User Preferences (which is enabled by default), you can enable keyboard navigation along the Bookmark bar. Press ALT+B to shift focus to the Bookmark bar. For navigation, use the UP and DOWN ARROWS, HOME, END, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN. To select a Bookmark icon, press ENTER. To remove focus on a Bookmark icon, press ESC.