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Cell Phone Question

What is the difference between purchasing a cell phone at a store such as Best Buy or Radio Shack vs. a true Verizon Wireless store.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages.

LG vx7000 vs. Motorola 710.

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Re: Cell Phone Question

To begin, some stores offer specail offers, and lower prices. There are diffrent "Features" each store will offer you. For instance Radio shack was offering to transfer the numbers you may have had on you previus equipment, although most sotres will do that if you ask them. If you want the most information and selection on phones i would strongly recomend going to the Verizon Wireless Stores instead of an authorized retailer.

Phone wize it is really what you plan to use the phones for. If you plan to take many picures with it, you could consiter both of them but on the other hand the motorola V710 does offer a MEGA PIXEL camera which adds clearity if you ever choose to print your photos. As well as the ever growing popular technology BLUETOOTH which inables you to transfer data and use headsets with out the hastle of getting costly and annoying wires. The motorola is loaded for the more "experence" cell phone user. If you aqre just looking for a nice phone that can be flashy dont pay extra and just stick with the LG. LG does have a rotating camera which is really a pointless feature to have with the shape of the LG's top.

I personally would purchase a V710, for the use of bluetooth, SD cards, and MP3 player.
But the LG is also a solid phone

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Re: Cell Phone Question

LG = garbage

the best to do is call them directly and see the deal u can get, is like buying a car they always will try to rip u off and no matter the price u get u still losing.

best buy= bad because u can have problems returning a phone if u dont like it or have any problems. plus what does best buy know about cell phone? my little bro works there cell phone dep.

radio shack? i would rather buy a cell phone n the street n canal street from a homeless person than radio shack. radio knows jack.

if u go to the verizon store bring lots of $$$$

verizon is expensive no matter how u see it and is not even worth it because u dont get what u pay for. service "signal" not bad but everything else it is and cost $$$$$$ for every little thing u do. my fiance has verizon and the lg vx6000 buggy phone and so is the new one, she pays $85 for 800mins and free nights and weekends after 9pm and she receive 2 text msg and send one email and oh yeah she got this game which expire a month after what a joke lol and she cant dl free stuff from online because she needs to pay seperate so her phone can actually access the internet give me a brake. now here is me sprintpcs 800mins and free nights and weekend start 7pm friday finish monday 7am. free unlimited internet access email msg MBS i can dl anything free free i can upload anythign to my phone for free and take million pic and email them for free i can watch tv for free i can connect my laptop to my phone and be online 24/7 for free and doesnt use mins when u are online so basically i can be on my yahoo or aim or msn 24/7 free of any type of charge without loggin off, yes u can be n the internet and talk same time. that all for $65 that includes taxes. my contract is over i dont know what phone to pick now, $183 off any phone.

if u cheap and dont care much of service then get t-mobile $39 1000mins free night wkeend and msgs but dont complaint when u call ur girl and some guy picks up or if u talking and from nowhere there is actually 3 ppl talking n ur line lol oh yeah they will offer u free mins if u complaint to them.

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Re: Cell Phone Question

It's true that you'll pay more to buy a phone through Verizon Wireless over an authorized agent. But at least you're getting someone that actually knows something about the service he/she sells. And yes Verizon Wireless charges more for their plans than the competitors, but why do you think their service has the lowest turnover in customers? Main reason is they have a reliable network. They spend a lot to make sure they cover their territory well. I upgraded 2 months ago to a Samsung SCH-a650 flip phone and it works better than my old Motorola 120c. Motorola doesn't make good phones anymore, which is why I didn't buy a Motorola this time around. My brother has the LG VX4400 and he hates it. And yes I wish Verizon offered nights and weekends starting at 7pm, but they have no intention to do so at this time. We're lucky that they decided to make mobile-to-mobile (IN-Networking) unlimited. Sprint offers unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7pm, but you must have a 2 year contract to have it included, or you pay $5 a month. Same with unlimited mobile-to-mobile. And regardless which service you get, you pay for internet if you use it.

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Re: Cell Phone Question

Excuse a dumb q; but when I wanted to change vendors, I was told I couldn't use my existing phone even both used GSM. Said the phone was "LOCKED" to work only with my old vendor. If that is so how came you use one not bought from that vendor. Do they set a "LOCK" on your new phone, forever preventing use with anyone else??

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Re: Cell Phone Question

A locked phone will only work with the company it was locked for. However, the phone can be 'unlocked' by a cell phone store, for a fee. You can also buy unlocked phones on the internetr or through some stores, and they can be used on any GSM phone, provided it is an international phone, usually tri-band or quad-band.

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