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CCsvchst.exe error message during shutdown ..

I have NIS 2007 & I have been receiving a CCsvchst.exe error message when I shutdown my pc. CCsvchst.exe is a a part of norton.

I have contacted Norton numerous times,& I still have not found a fix for the error message-


The instruction at 0x69532047 reference memory at 0x00000 could not be read. Then I get asked if I want to click okay.

I have run a virus scan,spyware scan, uninstalled & reinstalled Windows xp home (w/ sp2),& uninstalled & reinstalled Norton. Still nothing has worked.

I am thinking about uninstalling Norton for good & going with something else.

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Reporting: CCsvchst.exe error message during shutdown ..
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Did you run LiveUpdate?
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Live Update

I ran/installed the recent update 2.0 for Norton and still see the error message while shutting down windows --> CCsvchst So it's a mtstery to me at the moment.

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CCsvchst.exe error message during shutdown ..

This seems to be the solution over here : You may not have a floppydisk station, where the option that Norton should scan this station at shutdown is probably enabled. Disable this option, if you do not have a floppydisk station, also disable this in your bios. I tried it, it seems to works so far.

By the way, terrible this kind of solution is nowhere to be found at the Symantec support site!! Im using Bullguard for the better halve of my pc s now and like it a lot so far. Consider this for next year.

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How did you do it?

You wrote:
Disable this option, if you do not have a floppydisk station, also disable this in your bios.
How did you disable the option in these two places?
thank you

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Here is the cure!!!!!

This has happened to me many times and I have fixed It. Did you try using a registry cleaner? Try using Ccleaner which you could download here; and check your hard drive for errors. For performance use Tuneup utilites That should give your computer the extra boost it needs to run Norton smoothly on any system. Good luck with that Grin.

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How do you do it?

You wrote:
Ccleaner which you could download here; and check your hard drive for errors. For performance use Tuneup utilites
How can I find the place to download Ccleaner?
Where is Tuneup utilities?
Thank you.

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Check this Update..

--Open Norton Internet security 2007.
--Click on Norton Internet security tab.
--Click on Settings.

--Under Web Browsing Click on personal firewall click on Configure.
--This will open Internet security and firewall options with General
settings highlighted.
--Make sure that the option "Automatically decide what to do (recommended)" is
selected in the right pane of the window.

--Click on program control in the left pane of the window under Personal firewall.

--Check the 'Access' settings for the following:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer.
- Microsoft Generic Host process for Win32 services.

--If it is set to Auto or block or Custom, then change the 'Access' to Allow by
clicking on down arrow and select Allow from the list for above programs.
--Click on OK button.

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I tried that.

First I couldn't find the 2 microsoft things you listed. The only internet eplorer I saw was iexplore. I allowed full access to it and everything else that uses the internet like my AIM, all my yahoo stuff. I have AT&T/Yahoo as my DSL provider. I am still getting the error, any other sugestions?

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Just one.

Try not to dredge up an old discussion. Others might not find your post or think it's another solution being offered. Bob

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Unisnstall NIS

Suggest uninstalling NIS and install something else. There is great freeware for personal use. e.g Avast and ZoneAlarm, plus Lavasoft Ad-Adware. It will save more headaches in the futute....

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Same problem

I'm having the same exact problem. I'm a photographer so I contacted adobe and the told me it was a system problem. I contacted my tech guy and he told me to find a patch for the software. You said it was norton error. Thanks Corey

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ccsvchst taking system resources

I have uninstalled NORTON 360 so many problems with it dont want to go into it here just to say I am eating the money and going to another vendor.

I uninstalled norton 360 using the norton uninstall tool and "ccsvshst" is still executing and dramatically slowing my system down. The temporary work around that I use is the old REBOOT, stops it for awhile but with in 3 days it is back.

I called NORTON there resolution as usuall since I installed NORTON 360 is to reinstall Windows XP/SP 2. There explanation is that XP/SP will not allow the ccsvchst.exe to be removed. not there exact words but basically my interuptation of there statement. My response to the support person was I am sure the that Microsoft did not write into XP/SP to look for "ccsvchst" and never allow it to be deleted, that this has to be a NORTON problem and they respond no it is not that it is a Windows XP/SP 2 problem and you must re-install XP/SP.

So I am building a new pc and will run VISTA and STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM ANY NORTON(SYMATEC) PRODUCT AS I CAN.

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Go to the Symantec website...not the internet

Clearly there are a lot of good fixes to find on the net, but this one hassled me as well. I went to symantec and ran the auto diagnostics at the support tab, technical, and it resolved the problem, hope it fixes yours as well.
Mike Paget

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Norton 360 Complete Disaster!

Greetings to all,

I own a Gateway GM830 that has been running beautifully for close to 6 years without any major issues. During that time, I have installed various anti-virus/spyware programs, with absolutely NO issues in all that time.

My subscription to Norton Internet Security had expired (I can't tell you how much I miss the old days when Peter Norton actually owned the company and there was no corporate greed. Updates were free or later, very reasonable, then his name was acquired by Symantec).\

I tolerated the new policies, with annual fees for updates, but realized that often times Symantec did not offer "deals" so on and off, used other anti-virus/spyware programs, to try to minimize the effect of these newer imposed upgrades that forced us to basically buy new software every year. It used to be that once you bought a software package, your loyalty to the company was rewarded by free, or at least reasonable upgrades/updates. Those days are gone and most publicly owned companies have realized that there is more profit in upgrades than there is in selling the software initially.

So along came a new product for me, Norton 360, I bought a 3-user license for me and my family. I uninstalled prior installed anti-virus, etc. products and proceeded to install my 3 user license of 360 on two machines.

Immediately following installation on one machine, a Gateway desktop, I noticed that I encountered numerous error messages when booting the machine, and when trying to shut down, numerous error messages appeared, and the machine would not shut down on it's own without doing a "hard power down" using the power button on the front panel.

I shrugged off the issues on the first computer, thinking perhaps that something on that machine interfered with the use of 360 on that machine.

My main computer that I use for a home based real estate consulting business also was in need for an up-to-date security software package, so I made the mistake of installing 360. It is then my nightmares began. This is another Gateway desktop, an 830 GM with a dual core Pentium that has been a faithful workhorse for close to 6 years. Immediately after installing 360 on this machine, the computer began to "hang" and become unuseable. I tried to diagnose what was happening and found out that when opening the Windows Task Manager, CPU usage, which had previously typically not exceeded 20-30%, was now pegged at 100%, or close to that. When inspecting "processes", I noted that "explorer.exe" became unstable. Previously explorer.exe remained around 20 to 30k, when logged on to the internet, this file's resources quickly increased to over 100k, then 200k, then 300k, sometimes exceeding 600k.

Realizing that 2 computers had now had issues after installing 360, I attempted to uninstall it from my business computer. It took a number of attempts, but the computer finally seemed to have uninstalled the program.

Unfortunately, the problems continue. I brought my computer to a local expert for repair. After charging me $130 for labor to remove multiple viruses that appear to have slipped through Norton 360, increasing my RAM from 2 GB to 3 GB and selling me a PCI wireless netork card to replace the USB adaptor I had been using without issues for a couple of years, the problems continue.

I did some research, and found dozens of people complaining of similar issues. Particularly, infections by viruses, malware, spyware, while N 360 was "on the job". Reading further, many of the people that complained, contacted Symantec to try to get the problem resolved, only to spend countless hours on the phone, and then, to add insult to injury, were charged anywhere from $99.99 to $129.99 and more, to have Symantec diagnose and identify infections that appear to have taken place when their software was installed and supposedly in place to protect their computers!

This is an OUTRAGE!

My computer is part of my livelihood. I purchased N 360 in good faith, with the assumption that it would prevent me from having issues that might compromise my computer. My data is backed up, but I have so much software installed that if I have to reformat my drive and reinstall my programs, it will take DAYS, at least.

Has anyone had similar issues? I am putting this issue out to the general public and to Symantec. I am also reaching out to any attorneys out there that might be interested in evaluating these issues for potential class action. I personally just want my computer to work the way it had for close to 6 years before installing N360. I also had Norton Ghost and GoBack installed, neither of which gave me the opportunity to restore my system to it's state before installing 360.

Please, reply to this thread if you have had any similar issues. I REFUSE to pay Symantec a penny to fix the issues that their software created and/or failed to prevent! I have lost countless hours in an attempt to fix these issues without the need to reformat the drive and reinstall SIX YEARS worth of software/application and personal settings/preferences.

Folks, its time to nip this kind of thing in the bud. Corporate greed and irresponsibility has gotten out of control. While I don't like paying annual fees, I think it's reasonable to expect that when you make an investment in a software security package, that the product with HELP and not DESTROY your system!

Please reply with any similar issues. I work with attorneys in my business daily and will inquire about recourse, but I welcome inquiries from other attorneys that think we have a legitimate argument.

I don't think that litigation is the answer, and I'd love to see Symantec step up to the plate and do the right thing. I invite them to contact me in this forum, or privately (I will provide my contact info upon request).

We need to stand together to protect our rights, and not permit companies to release products that are potentially harmful. In this age of technological "progress" it seems like we are actually moving in the wrong direction as the result of corporate greed and irresponsibility. My business is being damaged by this issue and I'm sure many of you out there are also experiencing losses, even if it's simply a matter of your precious time spent fixing other people's mistakes.


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ccSvcHst.exe error

I followed the advice give by Tom under In Addition. It worked for me. Thanks.

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Disable the scan shutdown on floppy driver

This was exactly one of my clients problems which worked well when disabling scan floppy disk drive on reboot as they did not have a floppy disk drive in their system.

Finally there system now can reboot and turn off properly without freezing nor receiving a ccSvcHst.exe error message.

Thanks Tom!

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How did you do it

How did you disable the scan shutdown on floppy driver?

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Does anyone know how to disable A: for Norton 360?

Clearly I hadn't heard about all of the Norton 360 problems or I never would have downloaded it. It has managed to dramatically slow down 2 of my computers, and one of them is a brand new, high-end computer for work. I'm very frustrated.

I see the instructions for disabling the floppy for Norton 2007, but does anyone know the instructions for doing it for 360?


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disabling A: in norton 360

I found it. was skeptical that it would work, but my pc now shuts down normally for the first time in months.
In Norton 360 go to "Settings"
click on "Virus & Spyware Protection"
click on the "File Exclusions" tab
There are 2 sections, 1 for "Risk Scanning" and 1 for "Auto Protect Scanning".
In both sections, click on "New"
type in "a:\"
click "OK"
then confirm
Norton adds the a:\ drive to drives and folders it excludes in scanning.
I do have an a:\ drive, but rarely use it and never keeep a disk in it. I guess if I need to scan a disk, I can do so manually thru Norton.
Hope this works for you.

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ccsvchst Thank You!

I followed your suggestion and it worked... on all three of my computers!! Thank you!!

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For me it is not a disk problem

I disabled the option to scan the floppy, I also disabled the option to scan removeable media as I have both a CD burner and flash drives in my USB ports. I still get the error.

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Just a suggestion.

Don't bury your posts in nearly 2 year old discussions. While these are useful for archival purposes or trying out what they found, you might be wanting to start YOUR current discussion. Be sure to heed the words in red as well.

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Your message about how to correct this problem was helpful. However, I'm using Norton 360 for 2008-9 and the menues are different. Can you or someone help?

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ccSvcHst and Norton 360

After posting my question, the answer was there to be read. Thanks! It worked!

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ccSvcHst is an intermittent problem

The problem with ccSvcHst hanging up while Windows shuts down seems to be intermittent on both of my PC's.

I have a desktop and laptop both running Windows XP Pro., Svc. Pk. 2. A year ago I purchased and installed the multiple license version of NIS 2007 and installed it on both machines, and was having this same problem. Last year I switched to McAfee Internet Security product but wasn't all that impressed with it. So this year I went back to Symantec/Norton and have purchased and installed NIS-2008 on the same 2 machines. I run LiveUpdate manually every time I start either machine because if both Microsoft and Norton are using my broadband cable connection to download and install updates it takes much longer to reach the desktop. Of course I always run both programs before reading email or jumping on the Internet.

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I have the same problem

I can't seem to get any response out of Norton, either. I'm contemplating the same action. Anything you recomment to replace Norton? I have heard some things about a program called AVG, but haven't investigated it further just yet.


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ccSvcHst.exe - Last 6 months or so

This is a continuing issue for me as well. Last night the error incated "Attempted illegal instruction ____ at ____.

Most of the time the error saysing something about memory can not be read.

Our previous NIS (as far back as 2005 or 2006) did not give as much problems as this one seems to.


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ccsvchst.exe shutdown error message

I just finished the technician chat at norton help center. After doing all of the recommended fixes and still getting the CCSVHST.EXE apllication error at shutdown it turns out my "Intermute Spysubtract " spyware was conflicting with my norton internet security 2007 which has it's own spyware. After removing the " Intermute spysubtract" spyware and just having the Norton spyware the error message at shutdown went away.

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(NT) Thanks for this information.

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