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Dec 22, 2007 1:41PM PST

can anybody to help me answer this questions? please help me

How many bits are available for Class B host IP addresses using a default subnet mask?





Assuming a default mask, which portion of the IP address represents the host?






Yvonne is talking to her friend on the phone. What type of message is this?





What information must be included within a unicast message for it to be delivered on an Ethernet network?

MAC and IP addresses for the default router

IP address and subnet mask of the default gateway

MAC and IP addresses that correspond to a destination group

MAC and IP addresses that correspond to a specific destination host

Which three statements describe a DHCP Discover message? (Choose three.)

The source MAC address is 48 ones (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF).

The destination IP address is

The message comes from a server offering an IP address.

The message comes from a client seeking an IP address.

All hosts receive the message, but only a DHCP server replies.

Only the DHCP server receives the message.

Given a host with the IP address and a default subnet mask, to which network does the host belong?

What destination IP address is used in a unicast packet?

a specific host

a group of hosts

the default gateway

the network broadcast address

Which default subnet mask provides the most host bits?

Which of the following are private IP addresses? (Choose three.)

What is the destination MAC address in a multicast Ethernet frame?

the MAC address of the sending host

the MAC address of the destination host

an address that begins with 01-00-5E in hexadecimal

a 48-bit hexadecimal address expressed as FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF

How many usable hosts are available given a Class C IP address with the default subnet mask?







What is one of the purposes of NAT?

filters network traffic based on IP address ranges

prevents external users from detecting the IP addresses used on a network

inspects traffic that might be harmful or used in an attack against the network

translates IP addresses into easy-to-remember domain names

Which type of server dynamically assigns an IP address to a host?






Refer to the graphic. NAT and DHCP are installed on the Linksys integrated router. Which IP address is most likely to be assigned to the local computer, Host1?

A PC obtains its IP address from a DHCP server. If the PC is taken off the network for repair, what happens to the IP address configuration?

The configuration is permanent and nothing changes.

The address lease is automatically renewed until the PC is returned.

The address is returned to the pool for reuse when the lease expires.

The configuration is held by the server to be reissued when the PC is returned.


Refer to the graphic. A host connects to a Linksys integrated router that is also a DHCP server and receives an IP address from it. Which address does the host need to access the ISP and the Internet?

IP address of the destination host

public gateway IP address of the ISP

external IP address of the integrated router that connects to the ISP

internal IP address of the integrated router that connects to the local network

Which two statements describe packets that are sent through a Linksys integrated router using NAT? (Choose two.)

Packets that are sent to any destination need to be translated.

Packets that are sent to hosts on the same network need to be translated.

Packets that are sent to a destination outside the local network need to be translated.

Packets that are sent to a destination outside a local network do not need to be translated.

Packets that are sent between hosts on the same local network do not need to be translated.

Which statement is true concerning private IP addresses?

ensures that two networks separated by the Internet use unique IP network numbers

allows internal hosts to communicate with servers across the Internet

solves the issue of a finite number of available public IP addresses

allows for ISPs to be able to quickly determine network location

Which part of an IP address identifies a specific device on a network?

first two octets

third and fourth octets

network portion

host portion

only the fourth octet

How large are IPv4 addresses?

8 bits

16 bits

32 bits

64 bits

128 bits


Refer to the graphic. A user at the workstation cannot connect to the server. All cables have been tested and are working and all devices have IP addressing. However, the user cannot ping the server. What is causing the problem?

The router interface does not have a default gateway.

The switch does not have an IP address and default gateway.

The workstation and server are on different logical networks.

The workstation does not know the MAC address of the switch.

thanks b4

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Not a chance
Dec 22, 2007 2:47PM PST

To put it rather bluntly, you are EXACTLY the sort of person who creates the image that certification programs are worthless bits of paper.

What you're asking for would be considered CHEATING. If you can't figure out the answers yourself, then you don't deserve the CCNA certification.

To any moderator passing by, this thread should be locked.

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I agree 100%.
Dec 22, 2007 5:04PM PST

Agreed. You have all the information available to you on the Student section of the CCNA website(since it appears that this is a test or HW from a HS class) in order to answer these, so use the resources that are available to you rather then asking for handouts from people that worked hard to gain this knowledge.

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Come on, we're not that stupid.
Dec 22, 2007 5:12PM PST

This thread untracked

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Dec 22, 2007 7:18PM PST

Many of us can answer these questions off the top of our heads. and if you needed help on a specific one, then we would help. But do your own homework. I did mine, that's why we know this stuff.

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"Touche!!" to all your answers...
Dec 23, 2007 4:24AM PST

Do some reading!!!

and life goes on...