I wouldn't compare Advanced SystemCare Free with CCleaner. When describing how ASC "provides a complete solution for PC top performance", IOBit (in their own words) wites:

'A simple registry cleaner cannot give you true performance boost. Advanced SysteCare Free 4 combines Registry clean, defrag, system tune-up, shortcut fix, privacy sweep, junk files clean, disk fix and optimization, and more, to guarantee your PC run like a new one.'

We've found these type of "optimizers" create more problems than they fix. I would invite you to read an unbiased review from a moderator who tested it. "Advanced SystemCare Free Review"

In conclusion she writes:

'Advanced SystemCare does not live up to its name and could, if used incautiously, cause more problems than it would fix. The automatic tasks that it performs are unacceptable because the program does not request permission from the user. The poor startup performance of the system is another point to note and to the program's suggestion that NOD32, WinPatrol and Outpost processes are questionable is another unacceptable aspect of Advanced SystemCare. Users who want this kind of system utlility would be well advised to look elsewhere.'

Additionally, have a look at the comments (47 pages) some report at Web of Trust (WOT).

I would stick with CCleaner and let ASC fall by the wayside!

Best of luck..