cat6 Cable issues

Hi all,

I'm at a loss for what is going on... I am hardwiring my basement for 9 ethernet drops and am having issues with 3 of the wires. I'm testing them with a Tempo Communications Coaxial and LAN Cable Tester (PA1594) and 2 of the 3 I'm using Legrand cat6 RJ45 WP3460WH Keystones at each end. I've wired them and tested and keep getting errors, but I know both ends are connected correctly as I've redone both sides several times very carefully, each time cutting more of the cat6 wire back.

Any ideas what could be causing this?? I'm going to use the female-to-female Legrand cat6 Keystones for the other problem wire which I plan on cutting off the plugs and re-wiring that one more time as well.

The other 6 that I have hooked up work just fine... They are a mix of female-to-female and the WP3460WH Keystones.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It is holding me up from getting drywall up.

Thanks in advance,

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Reporting: cat6 Cable issues
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After so many calls on cable issue.

I've lost count how many I pull a new run and it works. Going over the old cable we find a nail, staple, break or some other defect in the cable. One time the tech's crimp machine was a POC.

If you have trouble with CAT6 you should have same trouble with CAT5 but after so many calls, I doubt it's a CAT6 issue.

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So it is likely just an issue with the cable at some point? I think I'm going to tear the 3 out, measure them and just buy pre-made cables around the same length. Hopefully tearing those out don't cause issues with the other 6 that are working...!

Also, I saw your reference to cat5 - I'm only running cat6 for this install.

Thank you

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I'm running into folk that

Think CAT6 is superior but we're still running 5 or 5e. Short runs hit 1Gbps on short runs of 5 but we are just moving out the last 5 stock.

5, 5e, 6 all use the same pinouts and wires but differ in other ways so unless you exceed say 100 meters, the usual comes back to be cable fault (nail, staple, wire break or short) or a tech's goof on the pinout (rarer as we can visually check that out) and then the last bit of the tech's that carry around some defective crimp machines.

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For the premade cable, you test them BEFORE you pull them.

If the cable doesn't work out of the wall, it won't work in the wall.

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I'm just a DIYer...

I bought 1000ft of cat6 quite a few years back and figured I'd do 10 runs in our basement since I'm finishing it up. I ended up running out of cable after 9 runs, so I quit there. I initially intended to use the Legrand cat6 RJ45 WP3460WH Keystones for all ends, but at some point forgot and got the female to female connectors (this project has been going on FOREVER...). I'll be pulling out the cables I haven't been able to get, measure them and replace them with the premade ones, which I will certainly be testing before spending all the time running them through. I'll also be testing them once I have them all pinned in place ALONG with the 6 that are currently working.

Thanks again for all the feedback

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Just to pipe in with something to check.

You didn't say anything about the gauge of the wire. For the best results, you'll want 23 or 24 gauge. There's also a lot of CCA (copper clad aluminum) out there at bargain prices. Avoid it. If you're doing anything with POE, 23 gauge will carry more current.

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PS. Since you are using PUNCH DOWNS.

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