Cass Suskind, the EPA and my electric company

American Electric Power will shut down 25% of their coal fuel sources because of Obama's promise that 'energy bills will necessarily skyrocket' under his agenda...

Thank you BO, your EPA Executive Order, and Cass Suskind for upping the ante again to the American people...this will teach us not to use an a/c or a heater/furnace in the winter, now won't it?

Oh yah....those crappy a..ed new light bulbs are a joke...too bad you made it a law that we can't buy what works...and that the millions of dollars in stimulus money that you gave the Cree company in Durham, NC (where you were today patting them all on the back) to make those light bulbs created so many jobs in China instead of here.
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Reporting: Cass Suskind, the EPA and my electric company
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AAaaaaWWwwww!!! Poor Corporations

The utility would be required to invest in the range of $6 billion to $8 billion in pollution control.

Just so people can breath clean air and drink clean water.

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Well, shucks..... production instantly converts to dirty air and water in your assumptions. Have you considered a move to the Arctic? Don't take any energy with you, and we'll be thinking of you.

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RE: energy production instantly converts

energy production instantly converts to dirty air and water in your assumptions.

Instantly?...No, I had to think about it for about 3 seconds.

AIR, WATER that's 2 forms of pollution, Noise pollution is another form of pollution.

Got any more forms of pollution?

The utility would be required to invest in the range of $6 billion to $8 billion in pollution control.

Have you considered a move to the Arctic?

No. Did you, a couple weeks ago, when you were complaining about the heat?

we'll be thinking of you.

I'll do my best to make sure that happens.

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According to

what I've been reading regarding AEP's stand on this is that their two plants in West VA they are already at 85% pollution free standards...the EPA is now requiring that they be at 90% with their new regulations and that is unreasonable for the cost involved. It's a way for the BO agenda to shut down all fossil fuels and used the EPA to make Congress irrelevant by going around them. That is the BO pattern, even tho other presidents have used executive orders, BO has abused that power. AEP is shutting down at least two operations in WVA and another in another state (can't recall which one but it might be Tennessee), putting more people out of work and it will cause our energy bills to again increase when it isn't necessary to do this, especially at this time.

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RE the light bulb issue

that law was passed and signed in 2007 and scheduled to phase in starting in 2012 through 2014.

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The House and the Senate were both controlled by Democrats at that point, and IMO, since presidents really have to depend on advisors because they obviously can't know everything there is to know about consequences of some of the bills (AND the amendments that are added to them), what seemed like a good idea at that time has turned into a nightmare enconomically. These bulbs are not only nearly ten times the price of the incandecent bulbs, there are no alternatives because the bulbs are now banned from production. They actually are poisonous if broken, they give off a smoke when burning out (which we have to take somebody's word for that isn't harmful), they have to be disposed of far more carefully, because of the poison inside of them I have to assume that there is more expense regarding landfills because they can't be just tossed into a trashbag and taken to the curb, and now the majority of these bulbs are being made overseas so we have to wonder if that cheaper labor can be trusted to not botch this product up like they have with so many of the other products they create because their standards are so much lower regarding safety (lead in paint on toys, dog/cat food three years ago, etc).

These new 'energy efficient' light bulbs may have started off being a good idea, especially for the Al Gore camp people, but the cost financially and health-wise to the consumer has turned into something far worse than what we had.

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Energy efficient bulbs...ok but CFs, not ok

as a replacement. This was just shortsighted thinking that will have consequences later. Once again, our government just kicks the ball down the road where we'll get to encounter it again but after most of the elected are gone. I wouldn't mind seeing a few semi loads of dead CFs trucked to DC, parked and abandoned in front of the Capitol building. I'd like the press to be there when they need to call HAZMAT to clean it up.

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then you already know...

...we still write our words on tablets of clay.

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Can't be sure what you mean

but every interpretation I see, I bet it is more snide comment than compliment.

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was that to me? or Toni?

If me, I was refering to the clay that's added to paper used for printing in the paper making process. It's nto to things like cardboard, but is for all that shiny white paper and for slick magazines and I think even to newspaper quality now since it leaves such an ash in my woodstove. In ancient times mankind wrote on tablets of clay, and it's interesting that although we use wood pulp in making paper, we also add clay to it for better absorbency for the printed word.

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I apologize.

I missed the reference completely.

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Yep !!!

When Obama keeps a campaign promise.................LOOK OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it's very rare for any politician to keep a promise.

Just sayin.

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