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Carbonite vs Backblaze

Aug 26, 2014 9:00AM PDT

I'd like to hear from users of offline backup services, in particular Carbonite and Backblaze---the good, bad, or ugly.
I was very disappointed in Carbonite when my computer died and it took THREE weeks to complete the restore. After finding lots of negative reviews about Carbonite, I dumped them for Backblaze. Now, I'm finding negative reviews about Backblaze. Beginning to wonder if I solved my problem, or if I just traded one problem for another. So I'd LOVE to hear what people think of both services, Carbonite and Backblaze....or maybe a recommendation for yet another offline backup service. Thanks in advance!

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Reporting: Carbonite vs Backblaze
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Sounds about right.
Aug 26, 2014 9:41AM PDT

If your backup is large, then it takes a long time. Why didn't you backup what you can't lose locally and there? I mean you don't want to put your entire PC with OS and APPS up in any cloud. It's too slow.

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Carbonite LOST My Files!
Sep 16, 2014 2:29PM PDT

Thought I had better post a warning here. I have been a Carbonite customer since 2011. Bought the service, backed up the files - computer crashes! No Problem! I have CARBONITE!
Worked for 6 weeks to download my files - kept getting error messages "File Error - File not Found". Hmm...After much back and forth (blaming my internet connection, my antivirus, etc) Carbonite sends me an email

2014-03-14 18:11:58 EDT Leigh B. - Boston, MA Additional comments
Hello Michael,

Thank you for the reply. Regarding the Previews.lrdata folder, I can confirm that it does not contain any unique user data, which is why Carbonite excluded it from the backup as scanning this extensive folder structure was severely impacting the performance of the software, to almost a non-functional state during backup. That being said, THE MAJORITY OF THESE FILES WITHIN THIS LOCATION UNFORTUNATELY, NOT ON OUR SERVERS.... (Bold type is my addition)

Essentially Carbonite lost my files and doesn't know why. Making it worse is the fact that they will not release what few shreds still exist unless I sign a waiver absolving them of all responsibility for having lost the files. Really?

The way I look at this it is as if I had put a a fortune in gold coins into a safe deposit box at a bank. I later came back and tried to get those gold coins and discovered that most of them were missing! Now the "bank" is holding whatever precious little is left and won't give it to me unless I sign a piece of paper saying that the lost gold was not their fault!! Beware Carbonite's "Your Files are Safe with us!" advertising. It is NOT true 100% of the time!

Anyone else lose their files to Carbonite?

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No one I know stores files there.
Sep 16, 2014 2:42PM PDT

I'm sure there would be a first for this location so the standard backup is still up to us. Not one company can guess folk would place files there. Lightroom appears to rebuild what's there when the folder is cleaned but again if someone was storing files there I can see why they would no be on backup.

Backup is more than one copy in more than one place. This is IT Lore since, well, the 70s when I began working with computers. I can't guess why folk don't write more about the backup rules.
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Re: previews.lrdata
Sep 16, 2014 5:01PM PDT

That seems to be something like a ever growing cache for Adobe's Lightroom program (if you don't clean it yourself). It's understandable they don't backup a cache. Do you expect them to backup your Temporary Internet Files (IE) or Firefox cache?


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Adobe and Missing the Point
Sep 17, 2014 1:26AM PDT

Actually you could Right Click and tell Carbonite to back up files "of this type". So I did specifically request that those files be backed up. Doesn't matter what type it is - if it is important to me and I request that it be backed up it should be backed up. That is Part One.

Part Two - I had 50 GB of photos backed up. It Appears that 99% of those are GONE. I say appears because Carbonite will not release whatever is left without a waiver from me saying that they are not responsible for losing my files. THAT is NOT going to happen! Carbonite is Completely responsible for the loss of those files. Protecting Data is their Core business - not a side line!

Tell me the difference between holding my data hostage and a bank "losing" my gold coins and not giving me the remainder until I absolve them?

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Re: holding data hostage
Sep 17, 2014 6:00AM PDT

Print their TOS (as it was when you started to use them) and all mails, find a lawyer and see what he says about it.


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Looks like you get to go legal.
Sep 19, 2014 7:13AM PDT

I see it's all covered no so tech folders are excluded from backup. That is, if you did files of this type the folder exclusion trumps that setting.

Good luck in your legal case.

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Jul 1, 2015 1:26PM PDT

Used the Free Trial to test their system. Excluded all files except for two folders on an external drive to make the test very simple and straightforward. Backblaze still failed. Multiple issues required using their Chat Customer Support twice. Second time involved needing to recover files due to a failing hard drive, which is what prompted me to test their service in the first place. On both occasions, had to fight them for almost 30 minutes to get anything more than a "wait for 24 hours for the system to update." Based on my setup, I knew it was a Backblaze issue, not a "system update" issue. When they finally provided me with actually troubleshooting assistance, it turned out to be Backblaze at fault both times. When called out on their poor support, all they did was defend their poor practices, all the way up to the Director of Support, so they clearly have no intention of improving. Also, the record of our Chat, that was supposed to be emailed to me automatically, mysteriously never showed up. That's how they cover their stupidity!

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local backups and online backup
Jul 5, 2015 10:46PM PDT

Personally, I use a hybrid approach which combines both local backups and online backup.I have been using Carbonite for a few years. True, the initial backup takes a LONG LONG time, but It’s inexpensive, easy to set up, and doesn’t require a lot of attention once the system is in place. And I also using external hard drives, I make a full backup weekly, with daily incrementals by EaseUS Todo Backup. I then make separate backups of selected important files and folders. The decision about whether to use cloud storage or local storage depends on your backup needs.

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