Can't Unsubscribe from "Forums Tracked Discussions"

I posted one time about Windows 10. I read some of the other posts people made, since I would get emails saying other people have posted. Now I would like to not track this discussion (or any other ones) any longer. CNet says I have 11 tracked discussions! It shows another post I did not make, about cameras. Even if I did post about W10 and cameras, that would only be 2 posts, not 11.
When I try to unsubscribe from only 1 or all 11 discussions, the page says there was some type of problem.

How can I fix this? Thanks.

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Reporting: Can't Unsubscribe from "Forums Tracked Discussions"
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Well I'll Be, It Fixed Itself

I don't know what happened, but after I submitted this post, and selected it for tracking, my list of Tracked Discussions suddenly and correctly only showed 2 Forums, as it should (not 11). BTW, the 11 discussions did not have anything in the subject lines.

So I just selected Windows 10 discussion and unsubscribed from it with no problem. AFAIK, ha.

Yay. Grin

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I give up, it's showing 11 tracked discussions again.

All with no subject line. At least I was able to unsubscribe from the one I wanted to leave, W10.

So it's still messed up.

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Sorry to hear that our forum tracked discussions...

are giving you grief.

I'm looking into your account to see what's going on.

Hang in there.


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Ok Marvin...

I looked at your account and it looks like you are only tracking one discussion which is this one.

Can you go back to your profile and see what's on your Forum Tracked discussion list? I hoping it only list one.

What I think happened is that when you unsubscribed to the others in your profile, the page may have been cached so it looked like the unsubscribing never took place but in reality you were unsubscribed from those discussions.

Anyways can you check again to see if you are only subscribed to this particular discussion?

Let me know. BTW I will moving this discussion to the forum feedback forum as it is more appropriate for that forum.

Thanks and sorry about the inconvenience!

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It still shows 11 discussion subscriptions...

Hi Lee!

I have been enjoying your weekly emails for a few years. Nice to hear from you! I didn't expect to hear from "the man himself." Grin

I tried what you said, here's a screenshot.


As you can see, CNet still says I am following 11 discussions. Only one time did the correct discussions appear. That's when I was able to delete the W10 updates.

Marvin Grin

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Is my account mixed with someone else?

Could this be part of the problem?

I joined CNet on June 2, 2007, but CNet says I made my first post on May 3, 2006. There must have been another user named m8rv1n before me. I was never looking for a digital camcorder to film school plays.

CNET m8rv1n's profile
MEMBER SINCE: June 2, 2007


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There was a old, old bug in our legacy forum system...

where it mixed user posts up and you may have been one of the members affected by it. I have since removed that particular posts on camcorders from your profile.

As for the tracked discussion, that is super strange that everything is blank. Does a page refresh using a keyboard SHIFT + browser refresh clear it up?

Also can you email me directly through my profile (http://www.cnet.com/profiles/lee+koo+%28admin%29/) click on blue envelope and tell me if you used another email address for your CNET account previously, I want to see if that old email address is still in our system (if there is one.) Thanks for the screenshot, it helps tremendously!

BTW thanks for being such a loyal members after all these years!


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Nevermind about email as we tracked this to be a bug...

However thank you and sorry about the troubles with this!


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Our developer looked into this and found the problem.

It has to do with tracking only one discussion that is causing this. I won't bore you with the details, but I will file a bug ticket for this.

As a temporary solution, the developer said that if you temporarily subscribe to another discussion (any random one) and if you go back to your Tracked discussion page and unsubscribe to both at the same time, it will clear out all the blank Discussions.

I know it's a bit of a work around but at least it can clear up the problem while we fix the bug.

Let me know if that works for you.

And I apologize for the inconvenience Marvin!

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Looks like it worked!


I joined another forum, and they both showed up in my list. Then I deleted both of them. It was not much trouble at all.

Thanks Lee!


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Awesome, glad it worked!

I apologize for the inconvenience and the troubles.

Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon.


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Please fix this bug
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timtak did you see my reply to you in the other thread?

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