Can't "safely remove" external hard drive


2 weeks ago I got my new Seagate expansion portable drive 1tb. I use it as storage for my thesis and other documents for uni.
Since I store important data on the drive I use "safely remove disk" before I pull out the USB cable from the PC. Last week I got the message that it wasn't possible because a program was using the disk. At that time i already closed all the programs because I was heading out. Now today I had the same issue. Every program was closed but it still said a program was using my hard drive. I looked on the internet for some solution to the problem but nothing worked. After some more looking I found something about 'quick removal', a setting that lets u unplug a device without using 'safe removal'. I checked the settings of my drive and it was set to quick removal. So if I am correct i can just remove the drive without the safe remove. I know I can't remove it when i am using the drive in a document or writing or reading something from it. So i close all the programs and then unplug it.

Now after that I plugged it back in and everything was fine I went and used safe remove on the disk. Normally windows tells you, you can remove the disk but I didn't get that message now. But my disk turned off.

Now my questions:
Can i just unplug the drive because it is set to quick remove or should I do something before I unplug next time when i get that message again.
And is it normal that I don't get a message when I safe remove my drive now? I will get you updated if anything changes in the next few days.


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Reporting: Can't "safely remove" external hard drive
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Usually I just log out

That certainly makes it safe.

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logouts are good unless ? ! lol tell ya why

That computer shutdown and power off after force's the shut down is good but for IT, NT, Or help desk you need to right click the process in Device manager for it to shutdown without Power off button.
Now if you power down, and power up and you are linked to another computer and he's or she's working with USB in computer or desk top and either is spying on you, the other computer is faster then yours or you download a program of software program, or monitoring system see's your USB request it can often interfere thru Quota and falsely shut USB down and flag and error with Interupt Messege an not securely shut down USB, or fails to shut down cause of Process's that are still Active. To were it Flags your Interupt and Windows or Microsoft do's nothing for ya in Update.

If you have this problem right click on Monitor and unlog her from computer and other will need to log back on at a later time or thru Login and password OEM or full Version.

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OK Right I know safe remove nice but here why happens

O right here we go I show you why it fails to Eject and better way to get rid of the little problem of forgot to eject.

Sounds like you need a clean up on USB.
Nope follow instruction to fix problem.

1 : Insert the USB and wait 1 minute to see if you see green usb and time how long it takes for USB icon to pop up.
More then one minute means that you may need to refresh the USB in devices by copy of original device install disk, and redo the Drivers off disk, no Disk goto who makes it and follow instruction in support and computers to find make model of your computer and driver and down load and put into file folder, but don't install yet. goto control panel and type in address bar device manager. click device manager find USB normally at bottom of the page and uninstall them and reinstall them with downloaded drivers, should be few of them such as but not limited to 6 usb drivers for computer most of the time just 3 drivers this will also troubleshoot if a USB driver is no good or needs replaced.

2: Ok now you know faulty or just new copy of driver needed.

3: lets goto the USB and computer and OS " noted not full install is needed for OS less your computer really old but be booster but prep all you need so you don't loose programs you want or paid for takes time and up to 14 hours a computer.

4: lets goto USB, Ok options on USB, on pop block express driver setup for USB or pro express USB setup or speed up usb to express, Ready boost is new one.
If you click this if available is secure lock for you USB and small data manager and do' speed up USB, but has flaw after 4 pulls out on USB and errors if not ejected correctly, so I don't use it nice Nay,
Lets goto control c: look on side for USB normally A thru Z number, right click USB and page will pop up click on harddrive click example i have a USB PONY 3.0 Right click on which one and three option show on screen click advance at bottom left and you will see three options for USB " Please right these down most commonly forgot about options.
Ok from simple option to advance options First one can take a beating if you don't eject correctly of it doesn't eject correctly, second one is
Better: ok but I don't use cause it do's with user cause it's own problems of connecting and disconnection as well as hidden downloads from computer if your wondering what I am talk about "folder options and look for hidden folder and show hidden folder click show hidden folder"
not install something and click on USB and you will see some program have hidden folders install with program pretty easy but these are one programs and hacker like to attack it's locked folder but it's often missed in Security scan's.

Now the witting cache'ing policy will cause a big problem, if you forget to eject cause it works on fact of Security of USB,Correct ejects and do's not handle defragmented data really well, So you gota defragment to get USB to run correctly normally in system tools then Safe Eject USB once defrag is done on it Scan and Analysis, both need to happen and it do's not take long.
With Better Performance and Caching or just Caching and USB better known as zero ct USB or the 1.0 USB.

Ok lets talk about speed and mid speed and USB normal, VHD, " Formats "Normal meaning right click and format second time". there also GHD.

If your kinda like I forget to eject then just right click and format your computer only takes few minutes, if you know what your computer data rate is without internet fastest for on computer USB data transfers which are Faster.

If you need a secure one with out Ready Boost or the others then you need goto harddrive or properties and click advance and see if ready boost is Available, and Encryted the Harddrive, if it doesn't offer Login and Password.

If you need Security but not Real big on passwords or logins, then choose use VHD" format, of GHD "raid mirrored USB or SD requires input of two different levels for this not all are easy to get answer too.

VHD and GHD can be used for system memory with few click in admin to setup SD and USB for memory access for Harddrive which faster and more secure then RIM and DIM memory cards.

VHD, GHD"raid array hardrives" normally used on SD And USB Raid Harddrives to help speed up Harddrive, you can split the USB example would be 128 SD or SD into Hardrive and Memory Access for computer but Memory VHD and GHD has be first on SD, USB, in format.
Now lets say your like SSD Hardrive 80 GB and look up you can make Harddrive your memory with a little rerouting of SSD Harddrive, so 250 gb SSD, Why wait for Rim to speed up or Dim,
you need a memory controller non Oem verison of software from Europe to manage 4 to 8 dim slots and little reading per RIM and DIM memory card and slot on what speeds are good and what in advance option and mod " Warning advance Mod is a Nightmare to get Dos to system work Correctly get ready for at least 40 hours of online routing to make computer work.

Well this should answer our question and Feel free once I hit submit to copy information for later use.

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Apparently I´ve solve it!

I´ve seen this on many sites, and none of the answers really helped me. So I kept trying. What I did:
Look for the DISK DEVICES. UNINSTALL the device you are unable to "safely remove". I´ve restarted the computer but I do not think it is necessary.
You are done.
I´ve plugged and ejected the drive several times. Tested it with other drive I had the same problem but was a Seagate as well. Worked fine all the times. I am using Windows 7, but it should work to other versions as well.
I´ll post it on the other sites so people can easily find this. Hope it helps more people.

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(NT) Hi,
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JPG's the problem

Hi, I have a few Western Digital Hard drives and I have the same problem on all of them, not allowing me to safely remove the drive because some other software is using it. It took me quite a while to realise what was causing the problem. It only happens when I post a JPG over the web, by email or whatever. I haven't been able to find someone with a solution yet, so I close down the computer and then unplug the hard drive. I haven't had any problems doing this so far.

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Shutting down

Glad you were able to figure out a solution which worked for you. In the future, if you run into any more problems with this, you can always just shut down your computer completely, at which point it will be safe to unplug the external drive as well.

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